Monday, 27 April 2015

Little By Little

One day at a time. It is my mantra when I begin to feel overwhelmed by all of my "shoulds" and "supposed tos". 

As much as I might feel it, I am not a failure as a mother because the laundry is on the floor instead of folded and put away or because the dishes from a few days ago still aren't done. Do you know I feel like someone is going to read that and gasp! My chest is actually feeling tight at the idea.
Oh how silly!

I have come so very far in the past two and a half years. It is difficult to remember where I've been when the where I am is a bit hard too.

My silence isn't for a lack of wanting to share, but life changed with the  birth of a wild haired, deep eyed beauty. She is determined and dramatic. She is a Mummy's girl with a quick wit. She drives me to near breaking point and then melts my heart.

My yellow brick road has taken me many places so far in my life. Lately it's taken me back into the workforce and back into the dating world (yuck!).

In a few weeks it's taking me to Disneyland Paris! More on that to come (I hope).....
Miss Mouse and I are both terribly excited! I so want to sneak away for a bit to visit Paris itself, it is a dream of mine. I've collected Eiffel figures for years now.
I plan on adding a few more to my collection.

I also wanted to share about my new Mum crush Clair may have to wait. It's a preschool & work day and time is getting short before both.
I do hope to stop long enough to let blab even if I'm the only one reading. Soon!

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