Friday, 24 October 2014

A New Direction

Ta daaaaa! Do you like my new theme? It's seems a natural shift as the centre of my world is my hilarious dragon adoring firecracker of a girl. At this stage of life she is the hub and everything else is a spoke. As I believe it should be.

Although I'm leading into my most busy crafting time of year far more hours and effort go into keeping up with Miss Mouse

So I'm hoping to be able to write more as it should flow much more naturally now!

Miss Mouse & I won't be able to get home to the States for Christmas this year. It's been a pretty big blow, yet I'm determined to make a big fuss and have a very magical holiday in our own little flat. I've started shopping and hope to have a home full of glitter and as much kitsch as one small home can hold! I'm hoping to stack brightly wrapped boxes under our groaning with glam tree.
I'm getting excited...

It's finally starting to cool down over here. Autumn is arriving with all of the rain and gloomy skies. It makes me feel very cosy. We're going to get bundled up and explore. We'll see you real soon!
Top Bing