Thursday, 15 August 2013

adventures in headbands

This headband is for a grown up girl :)
Laura asked me back in June if I could make something for her to take to a music festival to keep her hair out of her face.
So when she sent me a text saying she was leaving in 2 hours I was a little surprised that I'd run out of time! Haha, typical me.
I thought I had tons of time when really my deadline had come around. Matilda and I were laying around having a post name tickle-fest, so I had to jump up and get busy!

In about an hour and a half  I'd gotten it done!
I made two of the bows detachable so that Laura had a few more options. She can wear the headband with all three, or two or just one. She can wear the bows on their own.
I prefer to have a few options, especially when I'm having one of those days when everything is too tight or clinging to the wrong spots when PJs and a tshirt are the most comfortable options!

Have fun Laura! If you'd like your own headband or one for your little lady or a little OR grown up girl that you know just get in touch :)

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Bow Very Busy!

Since we last spoke I've been on holiday in Tenerife, my Mom came over from the states for a visit AND I started making again!!!
It all started with passing on a couple of bows I made for Miss Mouse that were a bit too small for her. I brought them to our toddler group. The mum that I gave them too offered me some pennies, but I said I'd rather she told people I can make bows if they wanted them. 

So, she did! In the few months since then I've been bow making mad!

A mother daughter duo!

This leopard print lovely was for a grown up girl!

Peppa Pig is super popular!

Minnie Mouse is also in high demand!

I've been having so much fun! So far everything I've made is by request, so each bow is bespoke. I'd love to make something for you! I'll ship anywhere on the globe! Just wait until you get your peepers on my ribbon collection!
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