Saturday, 9 February 2013

I blinked! She's 1!

Matilda and I have spent a very special occasion in Charleston with our friends and family! 
Matilda's actual birthday is January 28th, we were traveling back to the UK on her actual birthday so what could be better than an early first birthday party!!!! 

My Birthday Baby!

Drumming with Catherine Glory & Uncle Teddy!

She loves cards, so sweet

Aunt Lindsay!

The special Hello Kitty cake that Aunt Lindsay made!

Thank you for the dress Auntie Ryssa!

Aunt Lindsay with our girls!

Mummy's birthday girl!


Us with Aunt Hailey!
There she was only a year ago!
Our first cuddles x

  Oh how quickly the time has flown! Matilda Rose learns something new every single day. 
Her favorite thing at the moment is Peppa Pig! She sings Peppa's theme song all day long. 
She still loves Hello Kitty too though. She likes coloring but loves stickers! 
My girl LOVES babies! Baby dolls are great, but real babies - she loves them all and has to touch them and talk to them and pat them on the head. 
She is such a sweet, loving, kissy, cuddly girl and I can't get enough of her kisses. I melt into a big mushy puddle every time she throws her arms around my neck or holds my face in her tiny hands. 
She is very clever and cheeky and easily frustrated when she can't do something.
She is pushing her boundaries already! 
Mummy's little extrovert. 
Mummy's little Mouse. 
Mummy's whole world.

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