Tuesday, 30 October 2012

9 Months!

 Just look at those cheeks in that hat! It's officially cold. 9 months ago it was also cold, much colder actually. Baltic cold. But this tiny lady brought the warmth of joy into the late January frost. She's brought more and more joy as each day, week and month passes. 
She has developed a very funny sense of humor. She loves to make us laugh and loves to laugh herself.

Matilda still only has the 2 teeth on the bottom, but is still teething sadly :(

Only having two teeth does nothing to slow her down when it comes to eating anything and everything. She LOVES vegetables, especially peas. I gave her a bowl of broccoli, green beans and peas. The broccoli went straight on the floor. The green beans were chewed and then went on the floor. Every last pea was eaten very carefully.
 She's eying up my salad box in this photo...I love it when she puts her hand on my arm like that. She's so sweet.
 Matilda hasn't been very well lately. It started with ear trouble. We were given two different antibiotics which really upset her stomach and caused vomiting. She developed a burn from the loose BMs and has been having steroid cream on her bum for that. It's taken almost 2 weeks for her tummy to get back to almost normal.
 Even through all of that she hasn't lost her happiness. People always remark on what a happy baby she is. Here she is modelling her first winter coat, it has leopard print lining of course!
 We're sort of all over the place with naps....some days she takes her morning nap and two afternoon naps, some days only one long afternoon nap....some days she won't nap at all!
 She's a growing & changing girly! I can't believe how grown up she seems already!
Here is her signature nose crinkle. It melts her Daddy's heart every time!
She is so much fun, I am so very thankful, even on the days that I'm struggling, for such a good baby girl. 
As the days grow shorter and shorter we're snuggling down for the quickly approaching winter.
The cold short days also mean that it's now only WEEKS until we board a plane to Charleston instead of months! I can not wait to introduce my sweet Mouse to the rest of my family and friends. Get ready!

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  1. Omg, the first picture and last picture are soooo stinking cute!!! I can't wait to see her in person, you can see her bright personality even thru pics. And yes, the teething, sigh... Teething alone gives babies diarrhea, the dr said it was from swallowing all the extra saliva. Poor baby, I hope she's better soon!


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