Sunday, 9 September 2012

What a Happy Girl

The 2nd most common remark Matilda receives is "what a happy baby". She really is. She is a joyful, smiley, spunky little firecracker of a happy girl. She's also very, very funny. 
Mr Woo & I often crack up just watching her. She has funny little noises she makes, words fail me in an attempt to explain what exactly it is she does, but she makes us laugh.
Not only is she herself a joyful wee soul, but she brings joy to everyone she comes in to contact with.
We often visit the nursing home where Mr Woo works. The residents LOVE Miss Matilda. 
There is a wonderful baby shop in town that we frequent because the owner is besotted with the little Mouse & has been from our first visit!
She waves and says "heeeeeeeyheyhey" to people at the bus stop and in shops. 
This girl is a Lovie.
Yesterday we were in Liverpool, she waved and waved at a homeless man who was selling Big Issue magazines and reached out for a man who volunteered in a charity shop. Once she leaned over a kissed an elderly woman in the doctor's office waiting room.
During my pregnancy Mr Woo and I would often discuss what we'd like Baby Woo to be like & I always said "I want her to be a loving, caring, considerate, giving & empathetic person". I think that's exactly what she is. Oh how my heart swells with love & pride for this happy little girl!


  1. She is such a blessing!! I can't wait to meet her in December! There is nothing on earth that will bring you more joy than your babies.

  2. She really is, and I think you are totally right, nothing on earth brings joy like a baby! My whole family, even distant cousins have adore her, even since before she was born. It's amazing and so wondrous.

  3. What a poppet, she sounds like a real ray of sunshine! Love that picture of her scrummy little feet! And that's a snappy little outfit she's got on.


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