Sunday, 16 September 2012

Matilda's Job and Baby Water Bottle Adapters

I often joke that Matilda is a teenager. She acts very grown up sometimes. When she very busy standing and giving orders I say "see ya later teenager, you've got a car and a job - see ya when you get back from your job". 

Here she is with her phone.
One day the lovely owner of our FAVORITE baby shop here in Chester,  Along Came Came Baby, asked if Matilda would test a couple of mineral water adapters. I'd been looking for one of those adapters so it was perfect! I said of course we would!

Along Came Baby
carries these two:

Beaba Soother Adapter
only £3

I LOVE the french baby company Beaba. BEABA = the BEst for A BAby. Their products are colorful and creative. I first noticed them because of the colors and very cool yet practical products. I have a few bits, a bath seat, bottle brush, baby food Multiportion. I'd have it all if I could!

This is what the Beaba website has to say about their adapter:

Soother adapter
Ring + silicone soother + protective cap. Screw-on unit, fits all mineral water bottles. May be sterilised. Ideal when on the move. Hygienic use, no contact with the soother.

 Chillipeeps Multi-purpose Teat
only £5
I'd never heard of Chillipeeps until I came across this little gadget. Chillipeeps is a British & family company. I love that! Their purpose is to fill the gaps and make the lives of busy moms and dads a little easier. 

and here's what Chillipeeps has to say :)
Introducing the multi-award winning chillipeeps teat that solves a common problem many people experience when out and about with young hungry babies and no clean sterilised bottle to use, by allowing a teat to be attached directly to a carton to feed your baby and many mineral water bottles to enable you to rehydrate your baby.
The Chillipeeps teat does not fit all bottles. It fits Evian, Volvic and Highland Spring, these bottled waters have less than 200 milligrams (mg) a litre of sodium (also written as Na)
and less than 250mg a litre of sulphate (also written as SO or SO4) as stated by the NHS
The Chillipeeps teat is a vari-flow teat that can obtain slow, medium and fast flow rate.

I should maybe start by letting you know, in case you haven't already figured it out by looking at that cheeky face, Matilda is very particular. She knows what she likes and lets you know what she doesn't. She was like this from the womb. Love her. 

I washed both adapters in the dishwasher to sterilise them first & popped them in Matilda's bag. I bought 2 identical bottles of Evian water and one cardboard carton of premixed formula, the formula was for the Chillipeeps adapter.
Off we went to town. It was during our 2 days of summer so it was warm enough for me to want to give Matilda extra water.
I decided to try the Beaba first. I had some trouble getting the lid off once I'd put the adapter onto the water bottle, but once I did I really liked that the teat & ring are actually inside a silicone sleeve - there weren't going to be any leaks. And we were in fact leak free. Excellent. When we were done with the water bottle I just popped the lid back over the teat and the other lid back on the bottom and dropped it back in the bag. Off on our way. Matilda happily drank from the Beaba teat. 

I was looking forward to trying the Chillipeeps next because I thought the whole little pod thing was cool. Well, before trying it out I dropped it on the floor. It was a bit fiddly unscrewing the parts. To use the water bottle adapter, you have to detach the carton adapter. And once the halves were apart the pod parts wouldn't go back together, bummer. Eventually I did get the teat on the water bottle but then Matilda wanted nothing to do with it! It may have been because of the variflow - which I wasn't aware of at the time. If the flow was too fast she won't drink.
I decided to try her with the formula. I had to really stab the carton to get the adapter in. Milk sprayed on me and leaked. Ugh. Again, Matilda wouldn't drink from it. 

So, even though I really, really wanted the Chillipeeps to "win". Matilda had other plans. She preferred the Beaba Soother Adapter. 

There you have it ladies and gents. Matilda's first job. 

We're working on Teething Jewellery next. Stuff for Mums to wear and babies to chew on. 

 Oh and today is Rosh Hashanah! Shana Tovah to my Jewish friends

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  1. You need to post more pictures of sweet girl!!! :) She's too darn cute!
    Can't wait to see the teething jewelry!


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