Sunday, 1 April 2012

2 months!

 Two months old! Trying really hard to roll over, very busy looking around, smiling loads and chatting away :)
The dr. said Matilda behaves like a much older baby and is super strong! Tell me about it! You try dressing or changing a very wiggly, very strong little munchkin!
She had her first shots the other day. It was horrible, I cried too. But thankfully there were no bad side effects that I could tell, no fever & no crankiness! Amazing.
I just love this photo our friend Laith took :)
I'm very busy washing clothes and bottles and a tiny bottom all the time. We're getting into a routine, one day I'll be back properly....until then I'm just going to savor these precious days x


  1. I think she's starting to look a lot like her daddy now that she's getting older! What do you think? That hair is just too awesome! And yes, these babies are just growing too fast, but I thank God in some ways, getting full nights sleep again is such a major blessing. When vivi started rolling over I started putting her in a sleeping "bag" (the big brand here that makes them is sleep sack) it keeps them from rolling over at night and waking themselves up, just a tip in case Matilda ends up waking herself up! And when they eventually pull themselves up at night but can't sit back down, it stops that too. Can you tell I really, really like my sleep and avoiding having to wake up, lol.
    Did you receive the gift I sent Matilda? I hope it got there, I mailed it several weeks ago....

  2. I think she has Ben's nose...she still looks a lot like my baby pix!
    We're not sleeping through the night just yet, but we're nearly there! I'll need to find some summer time sleeping bags, she kicks those little legs like crazy, so she never has covers on when we wake up. I think it's about time we switch to the big crib, she's nearly too big for her carry cot.
    We did get your package the other day! I've been meaning to tell you! Sorry for the delay! How cute are the little socks and hair clips! Aww Hello Kitty, I've been wanting to get something Hello Kitty for Matilda but couldn't decide on anything. I was in this posh baby shop the other day sniffing around for a bargain and the owner asked where she could order the paci holder :) Thank you so much, you're so thoughtful x
    I love my sleep too....we've been getting longer and longer stretches but less sleep during the day *sigh* We're figuring it out I think. I should be napping now actually....


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