Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Someone Special Is Coming to Visit.

My sister-friend. One of my girls. Matilda's Auntie Hailey is coming to visit!!!I have to mention the fact that she is flying from the Southern US all the way to rural England. This isn't your average, around the corner type of visit, this is a "whoa" type of visit.
She arrives tomorrow morning, we're all going crazy with excitement!
We mainly plan on hanging out, making food, Aunt Hailey plans on lots of Mouse cuddles and kisses.
She coming to help, I might even get the chance to straighten my hair for the first time since my sweet baby girl was born! That is terribly exciting!
She'll be here in a few short hours! eeeeeeee!
It will be heaven just to sit on the couch and chat, our favorite pass time.
We spent hours doing just that over the years.
Oh how priceless this will be.


  1. What a good friend!! I hope you have the best time!! Nothing better than good girlfriends!

  2. Have a lovely time together and take LOTS of pictures :) xx


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