Tuesday, 20 March 2012

7 weeks

My sweet girl is 7 weeks old today!
Time is flying already. She's smiley and cooing and letting us know what she likes and what she doesn't. 
She likes stretching out and playing on Mummy & Daddy's bed and does NOT like having her clothes changed!

She can almost roll over, she's so strong!

We had a wonderful time with Hailey, Matilda and I miss her lots. Matilda loved Hailey from first sight, it was so special. My best girls adore each other x
Next week are Matilda's first shots...I'm dreading it big time. I can't stand the idea of her being hurt. We'll have to give her extra EXTRA cuddles.


  1. I loooove her hair so much! ShE is so cute! Before she gets her shots you may want to give her sugar water, that's what the boys got before circumcision and it helps them with the pain! These girls are growing too fast!

  2. may god always give the best to you .. :)


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