Tuesday, 24 January 2012

still waiting

tick, tock...


  1. hurry up baby woo! huges felicia:)

  2. You and Court might have these baby girls on the same day! Good luck with your delivery!! I hope it comes soon for you. - Julie

  3. It suckssssss to wait so Long, like I said in my emails, since Judah and Quinn were both a week late, I know the torture of waiting too well, but it will all be over very soon and you'll forget about the painful waiting!! You'll see your precious girl and it'll be all worth every second of this. :)

  4. Thanks for the encouragement ladies. I've just had some fresh pineapple...which is supposed to help trigger labor & I think I'll go for a long soak in the bath....also supposed to help, besides that it's one of my biggest comforts as Courtney knows!
    Come on Baby Woo we want to kiss those cheeks!

  5. She'll get here soon enough - and (apart from being tired) you'll love it! And I have a feeling you'll be quite good at it too...


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