Sunday, 1 January 2012

Not Really Up To Much

Truman posing skillfully for my new camera! He's so handsome I can't stand it! 
 We had such a lovely Christmas as I told you about last time.With the exception of an ill-advised trip to Liverpool  I've been properly taking it easy and Mr Woo has been out for the count with a cold. Besides going to the hospital for my checks I've only ventured as far as the village shop. I know lots of people recommend walking as much as possible to help baby get into position...I just can't go very far. My whole bump gets rock hard and feels full of cramps that won't stop until I sit down. SO the walking option isn't a great one for me. 
Check the size of my 37 week bump and me with no makeup, at least my hair is clean!!!

Changing pad cover all cut out! 

I've tried to stay busy with a few little projects like a cover for the changing pad & some hair bows for Baby Woo. 

Baby Woo HAD to have at  least one leopard print bow! There's a little leopard accent on the silver bow too ;)
 Do you see my fab Union Jack pincushion??? It was a gift from Vicky,  from Alexandra's Wishes, for receiving my spouse visa a couple of years ago! She is so talented and so thoughtful! 

The gingham one is Baby Woo's Dorothy Gale bow! Like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz's dress and a red vintage button to hint at the Ruby Slippers :)
There's also the bright green one a nod to the Emerald City. 
 I must also show you the gorgeous bows Auntie Lindsay sent! I'll have an excuse to play with my new camera again! 
some more handsome poses by our little man, I know I'm a bit prejudiced, but he is incredibly cute!  

On my way to the shop! Oh my swollen nose & face....I've been assured it does go back to normal....right???

And it won't be long til my mom comes to visit! 


  1. Awww, I'm blushing now - I don't know about talented... Loving those bows, and I did spot the Dorothy inspired one on fb. That's my fave :)

  2. Def very talented Vix! Everyone can check your blog out for proof! =)

  3. You're almost there!!! I hope baby girl waits until mama Lowther gets there! And I looove all of your bows!! ESP the dorothy one!

    It's funny you remember about our funny faces, we call it 'attack of the mack' face... Which the kids seem to be working on their skills pretty well. ;)

    Keep taking it easy! :)


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