Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Keeping Busy While Waiting.

I've never been good at waiting. Patience is not a virtue that I have a great stock of. 
What I do have is plenty of time on my hands! 

I really should be taking advantage of these last few days when I won't have my sweet baby in one hand most of the time. 

I am thinking about BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENTS.
{and about the pedicure I have booked for this afternoon}

I can't decide whether I want to design with a photo or not. I know most people will probably want to receive a photo...but I've seen a couple of adorable announcement cards sans photo. 

I think this one is so darn cute!

I like this one too. Mr Woo doesn't want to use a b&w photo though.

I wish I had access to a letterpress, I could make something fancy like this

This one is very sweet.

Oh I just don't know, there are soooo many possibilities, plus there are store bought ones that we could just pop a photo in and send on their merry way! 

As I'm sitting here typing Truman is fast asleep, but he's in a position that makes it look like he's glaring at me. Disconcerting. 
This is a photo from the other day...not like his scary pose today.
My plan is now to have a nap, but first I'll call the midwife to see if I can go in tomorrow to see if she can help things on their way at all. I might have a bite of birthday cake on my way to to my bed. Then this afternoon I'm having a pedicure!!!! I can't decide between red or pink for my nail color...something fancy though. Definitely something fancy.


  1. If you wanted you could do a birth announcement without a photo on the front (like that lovely one you picked out already), then fix a photo to the inside using photo corners or matting the photo onto some pretty card/paper. We did that for Alexandra's birth notices. They had little nappies/diapers on the front fixed with tiny pastel coloured safety pins, but we knew people would want to see a photo.

  2. I looove the letterpress invite, wow! And yes, everyone loves getting a picture, but if you don't use an announcement that has one you could put your blog address in there if you'll be posting baby pics here! :)

    I hope your midwife can get you going tomorrow!! Saying more prayers for you guys and early congrats since I may not be able write for a few days! Can't wait to see the gorgeous girl!


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