Thursday, 12 January 2012

6 days!

Oops! I'm not doing a great job keeping up with my countdown....that's probably a good thing at the end of the day. I am making an effort not to get hung up on dates as this baby girl does not have a calendar! She will come when she's good and ready! 
Last night Mr Woo climbed up into the cramped and messy loft to put away boxes and other clutter, the flat looks so much better! Now just to tackle the laundry everywhere and the dusting that needs doing and the vacuuming and scrubbing and food shopping and rabbit potties and rearranging of the nursery.....
Uuugh....maybe I'll just lay down for a little while instead ;)

If Baby Woo hasn't arrived by her due date I have to go to the hospital again for an antenatal clinic appointment. My Mom aka Mema {to her granddaughters, Baby Woo will be granddaughter #3!} will be here by then. So I think I'll ask her to lets make a day of it! Go to the hospital but how about a nice lunch after and maybe getting our nails done! It might be my last chance for a while once baby comes! 
Baby Woo just gave me a big kick...I'll take that as her seconding that notion :)


  1. Excellent idea - a teeny bit of last minute pampering. Just what the baby ordered :)

  2. so exciting! just to warn you - my first two weeks late and 4 days in labour, then emergency c section..... but i am sure yours will be quick and easy and it is always worth it! xx


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