Wednesday, 4 January 2012

38 weeks!!!

YES! The best news of the day - we've been released from high risk care! I am thankful for the medical excellent medical care, but I'm very happy not to have to go back next week...unless it's to have a baby!
Two weeks of lower fluid levels! This week was up from last week but still in the normal range. 
Baby Woo's heartbeat  was normal as well. 

I have to attend an antenatal clinic on our due date if Baby Woo has not arrived by then & I'm penciled into the Day Unit's diary for 28th January which will be 10 days over due. Hopefully I won't need to keep either of those appointments. 

I got a mocha from Starbucks to celebrate & two tiny tubs of haagen dazs too =)



  1. Yay! That's it now - double and triple check your hospital bag, little Miss Woo will be gearing herself up for her introduction! Really hope you don't go the 10 days over (I almost did with Alexandra, she was born the afternoon before our induction appointment the next morning!)

  2. Yay!! Best news!!! She'll be here at the perfect time! I'm so relieved how today's appt went! Try to walk a lot after your mama gets there!


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