Thursday, 29 December 2011

37 Weeks!

37 weeks! 

9 months and one week. 


I am feeling it though. Feet that look like hams & a bladder that must resemble a sad little deflated balloon. With that being said, they're signs of my body getting near time for my sweet babe to arrive. I'm showing other signs too. I've felt a rush of hormones and can check off some of the typical things that should be happening at this point...but I'm too embarrassed to mention them by name! Just know all is well! 

I had my scan and monitoring yesterday. It was quite stressful just trying to get to the hospital, town was PACKED with people & the buses weren't running properly. Ya know those hormones I mentioned? Well by the time I decided to get a taxi to the hospital I was fighting back the tears. 
As usual Baby Woo's heart rate was great! One midwife who stuck her head through to check on us said the print outs looked "beautiful"! That's what I like to hear!
In the scan there were lots of smaller pools of fluid instead of the one big one we usually have, so the fluid measured smaller than it has been, by 3 cm! Very dramatic, but the midwife said we'd still need to come back next week as 2 weeks of lowered levels are required before we could be released from this high risk category. She seemed to think that the lower level had to do with the position Baby Woo was in. 
I'm being cautious. I don't want to get excited yet. I want to wait and see. 

Mr Woo & I had a wonderful, quiet, laid back, & yummy Christmas. 
He really spoiled me. I still can't believe it! Get ready to start seeing much nicer photos around here as I've been given a big fancy Digital SLR camera!!!!! I've wanted to replace my wonderful film camera for years but we've never had the money. I so wanted to get a decent camera before Baby Woo's arrival because I want to document EVERYTHING SHE DOES! Haha! And my incredibly sweet & thoughtful husband made my wish come true! He didn't stop there, he also got a vintage style digital radio/IPOD dock for me! 
I've been shopping for an ipod dock for a while as I want to bring music to the hospital for labor. I'd been hunting on ebay for a while but never saw anything I really liked. Wouldn't you know Mr Woo kept telling me the ones I was looking at weren't great and I should keep looking because he'd bought the most perfect one ever in secret! 
He is so thoughtful.

I love him so. 

Uncle Laurie (Mr Woo's brother) is also a very thoughtful man, he gave us a game system! Haha! I think it's a hilarious gift but very sweet. He said it's for the times when we need a break when baby comes. Mr Woo has already worked out how we can use it to watch BBC iplayer on the tv using the system and so on...he's very high tech. 
I just want to play some type of Mario Brothers :)

Gifts are LOVELY but the nicest part about our quiet Christmas we just spending the entire day together doing not much. We ate and laughed and played with our new game system. I felt totally relaxed (which for me is rare). We never even got out of our PJs! I'm really blessed to be married to such a good friend.
 It's pouring rain and very windy & cold at the moment. I'm so glad my midwife's appointment is only across the street. 
I'd better get showered and dressed for my check up! 

Ok....I'm really going now....

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

36 weeks!

Another week has flown by and taken me into what should be my final month of pregnancy. 
I CAN NOT believe it! 
CHRISTMAS is in 4 days! 
Mr Woo is going to do the Christmas food shopping on Friday. We've decided to take it easy and graze all day rather than have a huge meal. It'll just be the two of us relaxing, eating yummy food and watching Christmas movies & enjoying our last Christmas as a family of 2. 

Another reason we're taking it easy is because I am struggling. I went to the hospital today for my scan to measure the amount of fluid in with the baby. 2 weeks ago I was diagnosed with Polyhydramnois , too much amniotic fluid. I was hoping it would have been reduced, buuuut, it has actually increased. It was 8.1cm last time and today it was 9.5 cm. 8cm is the top of the normal range at our hospital.
Because of the worry of heart defect, which could be one cause of polyhydramnois, I'm going to have to go the hospital once a week as an out patient to have Baby Woo's heart monitored and a scan taken to measure the fluid levels. 
Another possible cause is a birth defect which effects the baby's ability to swallow, but we won't know until she's born. The midwife seems to think that if there is a defect it would have been spotted by now in the ultrasounds. The other, according to the midwife, most likely reason for the extra fluid is that Baby Woo is growing well, that she's probably going to be a big baby so therefore more water is surrounding her. 

We just have to go to our appointments, wait and see. We're being well looked after. Today was a bit scary when I was sent in for fetal heart monitoring and I didn't understand why. Mr Woo has assured me that it's just to be careful & that we'll be fine. There is a possibility that Baby Woo could come early with some help from the doctors. I'd like to avoid induction if possible, but I'll do whatever is best for Baby Woo. 
Mr Woo did some research and is ordering me to rest and relax. So that's what I'm gonna do. 
Take it easy & enjoy the next few weeks!

Tomorrow is going to be a big baking day! I will be taking lots of breaks lots of taste tests ;)
We're getting together with our friends who are coming home for Christmas. We usually meet up in the pub but this year we've been invited to a more formal get together! 
So I'm bringing cookies!!!! 
The Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies are by special request, our host loves them!


and maybe

Here's to rest and goodies!
I've got a pint of Mince Pie ice cream in the freezer as a special treat too! 

Hope you're well and ready for the big day! 


Sunday, 18 December 2011

Willkommen in der Gingerbreadhaus

I absolutely love Christmas! I'm so excited that it's only 6 sleeps til Christmas!!!! 
We're getting pretty festive around here, it snowed the other day, our first snow of the year! 

the view from our front window. 

the Old Bank Surgery. 

And today I baked my very first gingerbread house! It was pretty darn easy & came out pretty well considering I didn't really know what I was doing! 

After we had some dinner Mr Woo & I decorated it....

Tadaaaa! Thanks to Mr Woo's photoshop blurring skills there's our pretty festive, edible house! 

Today is exactly one month until Baby Woo's due date!!!! She has been very active today, kicking and moving. I'm soaking up every last movement as she will soon be with us on the outside! We got loads of really helpful information in our class so I'm feeling more excited than scared. 

I'm off to bed, I'm still pretty pooped from our snow day in Chester & our all day birthing class. For us that's a pretty full weekend! Although....I am on a bit of a sugar rush from licking my fingers during our decorating!
I'm sure I can still sleep, night night x

Thursday, 15 December 2011

35 weeks

A few people have asked if I'm having twins! Nope, I'm just massive. 
One kind person said they thought my bump was small for 35 weeks. They're my new best friend :)

Wednesdays are my actual countdown day, so 35 weeks as of yesterday. Yesterday I was very uncomfortable and tried to rest. I gave myself a few small tasks too. Baby Woo's stretches and kicks hurt when my bump is hard with "practice" contractions. My hips and lower back have been sore so I've been taking  lots of baths to help with that. Sweet Mr Woo brought home some lavender bubble bath to soothe my aching bones. 

Regardless of my late pregnancy aches and pains and heartburn I am still enjoying being pregnant. It's so amazing. My body has been housing a whole new person! Feeding & protecting her!
 I love having my little baby with me all of the time. She is due to arrive into this world in 5 short weeks! It seems like yesterday Mr Woo and I found out she'd be coming into our lives.  I am blissfully unaware of how much our lives may change. I have no clue how we're going to feel. But I do think we'll be very happy. Our lives never being the same again doesn't strike me as a bad thing. I've seen my husband becoming a father and my love for him has deepened. I've become a zealous protector of this tiny soon to be born person. It is as though a switch flipped and I will do anything to make sure she is safe, healthy and happy, even now. 
I've been so touched by the kindness and love others have shown Baby Woo. People that I hardly know have made things for her and given sweet thoughtful gifts. Cousins that I haven't spoken to or seen in years have bought gifts and have written to ask about how I'm feeling. It's truly remarkable. 
Babies grow joy. I'm sure of this now. 
Before I start crying and need to blow my swollen nose (yes, my nose has swollen. People don't tell you that your NOSE will grow in pregnancy! Thankfully it returns to normal postpartum.)
I'd better show you the photos of the onesies the sweet ladies from Baby Woo's shower made! Including a few that a special friend sent in the post as she wasn't able to attend the shower! Thanks Vicky

i love buttons. 

Baby Woo has some very thoughtful and talented Aunties doesn't she?!

I need to introduce you to Baby Woo's newest friend....

I'm pretty sure I told you about Benjamin in the last post.

the lovely changing I need to get in gear to make a matching cover for the changing pad!
notice my Rennie heartburn relief on the shelf? Ha! 

There ya have it folks...One week closer to holding Baby Woo! Hasn't it been an exciting week?! Mr Woo and I are attending our Child Birth class on Saturday. I'm a tiny bit nervous, maybe because it's all becoming very real! Ready or not, she's coming! 

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Baby Woo's Shower

Sunday was our day for spoiling! 

Our dear friend Heather, who only just had an accident at work and ended up with a concussion, threw Baby Woo & me baby shower! Baby showers are only just sort of coming into popularity over here in Blighty, so it was extra special. 
Despite her concussion and 8 stitches she organised everything and got over early to prepare, with a little help from her boyfriend Andy. Andy put up Baby Woo's shelves too! So all the thoughtful presents had a home ready and waiting :D


The girls sent me out for coffee and decorated. 

We got some exciting news! There is another baby on the way! 


What every celebration needs, a Christmas tree! 
How about a few more pix of the nursery, which is still very slowly coming together....
Gorgeous Door Hanger from Auntie Faith

How cute are these two who will live on the bookshelf! 

Little Snoopy! Thank you Faith! I searched everywhere and never found one! 

The start of Baby Woo's college fund thanks to Auntie's Toni & Krista  
Baby Woo's books! 

Tikki Tikki Tembo, Matilda and The Story of Little Black Sambo :)

Vintage Planter, minus the plant because I am terrible at keeping plants alive....

Just a few soft toys! There may not be room for Baby in there! 

That ragged raccoon is my teddy Rocky.

My very favorite of Baby Woo's dresses! 
It was an intimate gathering and we had such a lovely time! We ate lots and even sampled baby foods for one of the games! Gross! I'll tell you, I am glad I've made the choice make baby food from scratch! It was sooo gross even being the good organic stuff! 
We played some other games including "Guess the size of the bump" - not a nice game for the heavily pregnant mother to be you guys! 

One of the last things we did, and my favorite, was to paint onesies for Baby Woo! I still plan on stringing them up on a line so we can see them all and how precious they are, so those photos will be for next time, but they're lovely! Very sweet indeed. 

Our friend who so generously gave us the crib has given us the matching changing unit too. Her husband dropped it off early Sunday morning & I managed to put it together today! Photos to come...
I brought out the carry cot and dusted it off today as well....there was something residing in it already....
A SPIDER!!! EEEEW! I hate spiders! And this one was big and gross. It ran away under the crib!
Daddy Woo will have to find that thing and get it outside.
Another sweet surprise for today was Daddy Woo came in with a GIANT teddy bear! He won it at the community club that he runs on a Tuesday! Thankfully Benjamin Bear has taken over for the spider in the carry cot. 
In a few short weeks time my tiny baby will take over for Benjamin Bear in the carry cot & I am so excited! 
Mr Woo & I will be attending our childbirth class on Saturday and then I've got a final scan to check on the amniotic fluid levels. 
THEN IT'S CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will see my midwife after Christmas. Then it's just waiting for my body and baby to say it's time! 

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