Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Pom into Wreath, I hope!

Months and months ago I fell in love with a project that a friend of mine Christy from Lovely Little Nest made for her sweet baby Harper. Isn't it just the loveliest pom pom?!

I just used my spare paper lantern on making an "artichoke lantern" for a friend of mine. Have you seen these? 
My friend Claire sent me this photo and said "could you make one for me?" 

I do have a Styrofoam ring  from one of my book wreaths 
Not mine, but you get the idea. This was the actual wreath that inspired me though :)
SO! HERE GOES NOTHIN'! I'm going to attempt combining the two techniques.
Pale yellow cotton, my glue gun, scissors and wreath ring! 
Check ya in a bit! 

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Happy Father's Day, miss you Dad.

Some photos of my Dad on the beach, his fave place, with his eldest daughter Shea.
Most people don't know that I lost my Dad to a prescription drug and alcohol overdose when I was 20. It changed my life forever. It took years and years to adjust, but I did. Beautiful things came as a result of my experience, I was able to speak to others who found themselves without their parents in their youth as well. I learned how to forgive and let go.
Now I remember all the fun and sweet times. I remember the rhymes my Dad had for pretty much everything! I recall his silly sayings & his constant encouragement of me. I miss him every day. I missed him greatly on my wedding day and I wish he'd had a chance to meet my Mr Woo. I think they would have liked each other a lot. I will miss him when he has grandchildren he'll never meet. But if I ever have a baby boy he'll have my Dad's name.
Happy Father's Day Dad. 

I love you and miss you always, 
Your Baby Girl. x

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair Comes to Chester!

Have you heard of Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair? I hadn't either until I found out they were coming to Chester! Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair is the nations largest vintage fair!!! AND THEY'RE GOING TO BE IN CHESTER ON SATURDAY 18TH JUNE!
I just had a look at some photos by Esther Ling from one of their other fairs, SWOOOON! I went and told the other Becnicks girls to get out their purses! Just look! 

And GUESS WHAT?! It won't be Esther behind the camera at Chester's Affordable Vintage Fair *DRUM ROLL PLEASE* I'll be ME! MRS WOO! That's right boys and girls! It'll be snap happy! I'm going to be seeking out the best dressed guys and dolls all day, the best dressed will be entered into a contest on Chester's Affordable Vintage Fair facebook page! Everyone will cast their votes and the winner will get vouchers for the next Judy's Fair in Chester! Woo Hoo! SO get your fine behinds down Chester's Affordable Vintage Fair!!!!!

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Birthday Cake!

Hiya! I just wanted to show you the Orange Cake with Orange Buttercream and Cream Cheese icing Birthday I made for Mr Woo! It was very yummy!
He usually wants a Chocolate cake of some description so this was a fun change! Here's the recipe I used :)
It was delicious, if I do say so myself!

On another note, I was wondering if there was anyone out there that could help me make a button for my blog, you know, the kind people post on their blogs. I've got them down the side of mine...if you keep scrolling :o


Sunday, 5 June 2011

Vinyl Project.

And nope I'm not talking records this time! I'm talking about a vinyl motorcycle seat! My bro-in-law bought himself a little vintage motorbike aka scooter to drive around Germany this summer!
It looks like this one.
For those in the know it's a 1982 Yamaha Townmate 79cc.
I don't know how he's going to get all the way to  Germany on that thing but I guess the seat does look comfy enough. My delicate posterior would hurt!
Anyway he's going to paint it up in metallic blue and wants a Union Jack Flag seat! Here's where I come in. His idea is a hand stitched flag like you see on leather jackets. OMG. I only have a little old Jones sewing you think it's up for the challenge?
sadly not my lovely studio, but it is just like my sweet machine! 

Dunno if any one out there knows much about sewing vinyl but I would appreciate any and all advice! Do I need to do it all by hand or find a professional machine? 
This is what I've got in mind for the finished seat:

It's a challenge as I've never done anything like it before! But I think I should be able to do it. Now just to find some marine grade vinyl in the UK wish me luck!
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