Saturday, 30 April 2011

A Few Bank Holiday Makes

A lil bit Rock 'n' Roll

This one is my fave.
vintage bits!

Springtime in Paris x
vintage charms!
teeny tiny tea cup necklace.

I've been busy these past few days! Off to Becnicks tomorrow for a break ;)

Monday, 25 April 2011

Mrs Woo at Becnicks Wonder Emporium!

Did I mention that I was moving spaces at Becnicks? I can't remember if I did. I am super excited to show you what it looks like! Would you like to see?

check out the crazy cat tea pot cozy!

vintage buttons galore!

charm bracelets on my rigged frame display :)

i Love this little shelf i found in a charity shop!

So there we go! My little spot at Becnicks Wonder Emporium! I'm pretty keen on it :)

Monday, 18 April 2011

Crinoline Ladies

Do you know about the pretty Crinoline Ladies?  They are a vintage favorite. Very pretty & feminine. They're called Crinoline Ladies because of the petticoats they are wearing!
I always thought crinoline was something lacy. But I've found a wonderfully informative site Fashion Era. According to Fashion Era


The Horsehair Crinoline Petticoat of 1830s

In the 1830s a linen material woven with horsehair called crinoline was first used for cloth petticoats. The word crinoline comes from the French for 'crin' and 'lin', meaning horsehair and linen respectively. This version of a petticoat was the original crinoline and later the name continued in use incorrectly, but universally for the caged or hooped underskirt frames.
In the 1840s flounces were added to the full skirts and these gave an illusion of extra skirt width.
The new skirt style which emerged in 1841 was achieved by a method of gauging fabric into organ or cartridge pleats which introduced yet more fullness. This was abandoned in 1846 for flat pleating which gave even more width. After 1845 double flounced skirts helped push the shape out, making the skirt look even broader.

There were changes to the Crinoline Petticoats through time and It's worth having a look on Fashion Era, it's interesting and lovely!

I don't honestly know when Crinoline Ladies started showing up in home wares but you can find them prettying up everything from dishes to hankies to sweet tins to table clothes.
Sweets Tin - sooo collectible!
Beautiful 1930s cake stand.   
Another style of "Crin Lady" cake stand.
The good, the bad & the kitsch x
and toilet roll covers?

I really like them & I'm not the only one! They are so popular right now! We can't keep them in stock at Becnicks Wonder Emporium!

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Mini Alien Cutie

Aren't they so cute?! I tried this pattern by uber cute little aliens and I made one for Mr Woo who likes to keep his eyes to the skies! I've ordered some eyes to make some more! You can get the free pattern on Barbara's blog or Ravelry page :)

Ms. Prime ever so kindly offers quite a few free knitting patterns! I lurve me some free patterns!

Pocket Mouse!

Fuzzy Lamb!
Spring Chicks!
Thank you Barbara!!! You are making the world cuter one squeeeeeee at a time!

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Storage & Display

Storage in my little stall at Becnicks Wonder Emporium is a bit difficult as I don't have any suitable display furniture of my own!
I'm struggling to find some solutions! I did find a tiny wonderful little shelf, in my fave vintage green!
But it's only tiny and only teeny bits fit on it. I need some jewellery display. I found this great tutorial for a ring display which I sorely need.
 I think it looks quite good doesn't it! I'm hoping it can be wall mounted. 

This looks pretty wonderful! Are pretty hooks expensive?

This looks good & easy & effective!
 I like this idea too! I am all about these fabric covered boards.

Oh I just don't know! 

What do you use for display, even at home?
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