Sunday, 18 December 2011

Willkommen in der Gingerbreadhaus

I absolutely love Christmas! I'm so excited that it's only 6 sleeps til Christmas!!!! 
We're getting pretty festive around here, it snowed the other day, our first snow of the year! 

the view from our front window. 

the Old Bank Surgery. 

And today I baked my very first gingerbread house! It was pretty darn easy & came out pretty well considering I didn't really know what I was doing! 

After we had some dinner Mr Woo & I decorated it....

Tadaaaa! Thanks to Mr Woo's photoshop blurring skills there's our pretty festive, edible house! 

Today is exactly one month until Baby Woo's due date!!!! She has been very active today, kicking and moving. I'm soaking up every last movement as she will soon be with us on the outside! We got loads of really helpful information in our class so I'm feeling more excited than scared. 

I'm off to bed, I'm still pretty pooped from our snow day in Chester & our all day birthing class. For us that's a pretty full weekend! Although....I am on a bit of a sugar rush from licking my fingers during our decorating!
I'm sure I can still sleep, night night x

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  1. I live the snow and your gingerbread house is amazing! It looks like a beautiful Christmas week has started!!


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