Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Baby Woo's Shower

Sunday was our day for spoiling! 

Our dear friend Heather, who only just had an accident at work and ended up with a concussion, threw Baby Woo & me baby shower! Baby showers are only just sort of coming into popularity over here in Blighty, so it was extra special. 
Despite her concussion and 8 stitches she organised everything and got over early to prepare, with a little help from her boyfriend Andy. Andy put up Baby Woo's shelves too! So all the thoughtful presents had a home ready and waiting :D


The girls sent me out for coffee and decorated. 

We got some exciting news! There is another baby on the way! 


What every celebration needs, a Christmas tree! 
How about a few more pix of the nursery, which is still very slowly coming together....
Gorgeous Door Hanger from Auntie Faith

How cute are these two who will live on the bookshelf! 

Little Snoopy! Thank you Faith! I searched everywhere and never found one! 

The start of Baby Woo's college fund thanks to Auntie's Toni & Krista  
Baby Woo's books! 

Tikki Tikki Tembo, Matilda and The Story of Little Black Sambo :)

Vintage Planter, minus the plant because I am terrible at keeping plants alive....

Just a few soft toys! There may not be room for Baby in there! 

That ragged raccoon is my teddy Rocky.

My very favorite of Baby Woo's dresses! 
It was an intimate gathering and we had such a lovely time! We ate lots and even sampled baby foods for one of the games! Gross! I'll tell you, I am glad I've made the choice make baby food from scratch! It was sooo gross even being the good organic stuff! 
We played some other games including "Guess the size of the bump" - not a nice game for the heavily pregnant mother to be you guys! 

One of the last things we did, and my favorite, was to paint onesies for Baby Woo! I still plan on stringing them up on a line so we can see them all and how precious they are, so those photos will be for next time, but they're lovely! Very sweet indeed. 

Our friend who so generously gave us the crib has given us the matching changing unit too. Her husband dropped it off early Sunday morning & I managed to put it together today! Photos to come...
I brought out the carry cot and dusted it off today as well....there was something residing in it already....
A SPIDER!!! EEEEW! I hate spiders! And this one was big and gross. It ran away under the crib!
Daddy Woo will have to find that thing and get it outside.
Another sweet surprise for today was Daddy Woo came in with a GIANT teddy bear! He won it at the community club that he runs on a Tuesday! Thankfully Benjamin Bear has taken over for the spider in the carry cot. 
In a few short weeks time my tiny baby will take over for Benjamin Bear in the carry cot & I am so excited! 
Mr Woo & I will be attending our childbirth class on Saturday and then I've got a final scan to check on the amniotic fluid levels. 
THEN IT'S CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will see my midwife after Christmas. Then it's just waiting for my body and baby to say it's time! 


  1. The shower was awesome!! And I love all the sweet gifts. The deer dress is AMAZING!!!

    Lemme know how your appt goes!

  2. Totally love that sweet little dress! Looks like you guys had a fab time :)
    (I WILL met you in person one day...)xx

  3. The dress is my fave for sure, I've also found a sweet little peasanty looking top that has woodland creatures on it. It's so cute. Baby Woo has a large and impressive wardrobe!
    The shower was so lovely & thanks so much for taking part even from far away Vicky! You're so sweet! We WILL meet in person for sure!


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