Thursday, 29 December 2011

37 Weeks!

37 weeks! 

9 months and one week. 


I am feeling it though. Feet that look like hams & a bladder that must resemble a sad little deflated balloon. With that being said, they're signs of my body getting near time for my sweet babe to arrive. I'm showing other signs too. I've felt a rush of hormones and can check off some of the typical things that should be happening at this point...but I'm too embarrassed to mention them by name! Just know all is well! 

I had my scan and monitoring yesterday. It was quite stressful just trying to get to the hospital, town was PACKED with people & the buses weren't running properly. Ya know those hormones I mentioned? Well by the time I decided to get a taxi to the hospital I was fighting back the tears. 
As usual Baby Woo's heart rate was great! One midwife who stuck her head through to check on us said the print outs looked "beautiful"! That's what I like to hear!
In the scan there were lots of smaller pools of fluid instead of the one big one we usually have, so the fluid measured smaller than it has been, by 3 cm! Very dramatic, but the midwife said we'd still need to come back next week as 2 weeks of lowered levels are required before we could be released from this high risk category. She seemed to think that the lower level had to do with the position Baby Woo was in. 
I'm being cautious. I don't want to get excited yet. I want to wait and see. 

Mr Woo & I had a wonderful, quiet, laid back, & yummy Christmas. 
He really spoiled me. I still can't believe it! Get ready to start seeing much nicer photos around here as I've been given a big fancy Digital SLR camera!!!!! I've wanted to replace my wonderful film camera for years but we've never had the money. I so wanted to get a decent camera before Baby Woo's arrival because I want to document EVERYTHING SHE DOES! Haha! And my incredibly sweet & thoughtful husband made my wish come true! He didn't stop there, he also got a vintage style digital radio/IPOD dock for me! 
I've been shopping for an ipod dock for a while as I want to bring music to the hospital for labor. I'd been hunting on ebay for a while but never saw anything I really liked. Wouldn't you know Mr Woo kept telling me the ones I was looking at weren't great and I should keep looking because he'd bought the most perfect one ever in secret! 
He is so thoughtful.

I love him so. 

Uncle Laurie (Mr Woo's brother) is also a very thoughtful man, he gave us a game system! Haha! I think it's a hilarious gift but very sweet. He said it's for the times when we need a break when baby comes. Mr Woo has already worked out how we can use it to watch BBC iplayer on the tv using the system and so on...he's very high tech. 
I just want to play some type of Mario Brothers :)

Gifts are LOVELY but the nicest part about our quiet Christmas we just spending the entire day together doing not much. We ate and laughed and played with our new game system. I felt totally relaxed (which for me is rare). We never even got out of our PJs! I'm really blessed to be married to such a good friend.
 It's pouring rain and very windy & cold at the moment. I'm so glad my midwife's appointment is only across the street. 
I'd better get showered and dressed for my check up! 

Ok....I'm really going now....


  1. I'll email you back soon, but wanted to say I am sooo happy you had such a great & relaxing Christmas day! Sounds wonderful. And I'm so happy about the DSLR, you're going to looooove it! And the ipad dock is amazing! I've never seen one like that.. your hubby is great at picking out gifts! Hopefully I can email shortly. :)

  2. Yay for the DSLR (and for the wonderful hubby :D). Glad you guys had a fantastic Christmas.


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