Wednesday, 21 December 2011

36 weeks!

Another week has flown by and taken me into what should be my final month of pregnancy. 
I CAN NOT believe it! 
CHRISTMAS is in 4 days! 
Mr Woo is going to do the Christmas food shopping on Friday. We've decided to take it easy and graze all day rather than have a huge meal. It'll just be the two of us relaxing, eating yummy food and watching Christmas movies & enjoying our last Christmas as a family of 2. 

Another reason we're taking it easy is because I am struggling. I went to the hospital today for my scan to measure the amount of fluid in with the baby. 2 weeks ago I was diagnosed with Polyhydramnois , too much amniotic fluid. I was hoping it would have been reduced, buuuut, it has actually increased. It was 8.1cm last time and today it was 9.5 cm. 8cm is the top of the normal range at our hospital.
Because of the worry of heart defect, which could be one cause of polyhydramnois, I'm going to have to go the hospital once a week as an out patient to have Baby Woo's heart monitored and a scan taken to measure the fluid levels. 
Another possible cause is a birth defect which effects the baby's ability to swallow, but we won't know until she's born. The midwife seems to think that if there is a defect it would have been spotted by now in the ultrasounds. The other, according to the midwife, most likely reason for the extra fluid is that Baby Woo is growing well, that she's probably going to be a big baby so therefore more water is surrounding her. 

We just have to go to our appointments, wait and see. We're being well looked after. Today was a bit scary when I was sent in for fetal heart monitoring and I didn't understand why. Mr Woo has assured me that it's just to be careful & that we'll be fine. There is a possibility that Baby Woo could come early with some help from the doctors. I'd like to avoid induction if possible, but I'll do whatever is best for Baby Woo. 
Mr Woo did some research and is ordering me to rest and relax. So that's what I'm gonna do. 
Take it easy & enjoy the next few weeks!

Tomorrow is going to be a big baking day! I will be taking lots of breaks lots of taste tests ;)
We're getting together with our friends who are coming home for Christmas. We usually meet up in the pub but this year we've been invited to a more formal get together! 
So I'm bringing cookies!!!! 
The Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies are by special request, our host loves them!


and maybe

Here's to rest and goodies!
I've got a pint of Mince Pie ice cream in the freezer as a special treat too! 

Hope you're well and ready for the big day! 



  1. I'm glad I checked my blog to see your update! I'm so sad for you that you have to deal with any kind of stress right now with the extra amniotic fluid, but like the MW said, I'm sure they would've seen something to indicate a birth defect in the previous scans. I will be praying extra hard for you & that sweet bundle of joy & Ben. I know God will bless you with peace over this whole situation- I am so thankful we have such a big, loving, healing God to take these worries to! I have a good feeling everything will be just fine. Of course, keep me posted when you go to the Dr!
    Hugs & MERRY Christmas! (or should I say Happy Christmas). ;)

  2. Dearie,

    Thinking about you and sending happy thoughts and best wishes your way.

    Merry Christmas.

    love and hugs,

  3. Doctors always err on the side of caution and midwives are usually spot on, so try not to worry yourselves. Rest up and let Dr Ben take good care of you. Have a lovely Christmas Woos :)


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