Thursday, 15 December 2011

35 weeks

A few people have asked if I'm having twins! Nope, I'm just massive. 
One kind person said they thought my bump was small for 35 weeks. They're my new best friend :)

Wednesdays are my actual countdown day, so 35 weeks as of yesterday. Yesterday I was very uncomfortable and tried to rest. I gave myself a few small tasks too. Baby Woo's stretches and kicks hurt when my bump is hard with "practice" contractions. My hips and lower back have been sore so I've been taking  lots of baths to help with that. Sweet Mr Woo brought home some lavender bubble bath to soothe my aching bones. 

Regardless of my late pregnancy aches and pains and heartburn I am still enjoying being pregnant. It's so amazing. My body has been housing a whole new person! Feeding & protecting her!
 I love having my little baby with me all of the time. She is due to arrive into this world in 5 short weeks! It seems like yesterday Mr Woo and I found out she'd be coming into our lives.  I am blissfully unaware of how much our lives may change. I have no clue how we're going to feel. But I do think we'll be very happy. Our lives never being the same again doesn't strike me as a bad thing. I've seen my husband becoming a father and my love for him has deepened. I've become a zealous protector of this tiny soon to be born person. It is as though a switch flipped and I will do anything to make sure she is safe, healthy and happy, even now. 
I've been so touched by the kindness and love others have shown Baby Woo. People that I hardly know have made things for her and given sweet thoughtful gifts. Cousins that I haven't spoken to or seen in years have bought gifts and have written to ask about how I'm feeling. It's truly remarkable. 
Babies grow joy. I'm sure of this now. 
Before I start crying and need to blow my swollen nose (yes, my nose has swollen. People don't tell you that your NOSE will grow in pregnancy! Thankfully it returns to normal postpartum.)
I'd better show you the photos of the onesies the sweet ladies from Baby Woo's shower made! Including a few that a special friend sent in the post as she wasn't able to attend the shower! Thanks Vicky

i love buttons. 

Baby Woo has some very thoughtful and talented Aunties doesn't she?!

I need to introduce you to Baby Woo's newest friend....

I'm pretty sure I told you about Benjamin in the last post.

the lovely changing I need to get in gear to make a matching cover for the changing pad!
notice my Rennie heartburn relief on the shelf? Ha! 

There ya have it folks...One week closer to holding Baby Woo! Hasn't it been an exciting week?! Mr Woo and I are attending our Child Birth class on Saturday. I'm a tiny bit nervous, maybe because it's all becoming very real! Ready or not, she's coming! 


  1. Eeek! It's getting more and more exciting! Babies and people having babies make me super happy! :D Loving the creative results of the baby shower and glad I could contribute from afar. x

  2. Yes, babies grow joy. Perfect way to put it. And I'm so excited for her to be here!!!

    And, just so you know, a lot of people are idiots about baby bumps. I've had people ask me if I was having twins even at around 5 months pregnant... this pregnancy I've only gained 12 lbs in 8 months and this is the smallest bump I've ever had (granted my other bumps were huge, gaining 50 lbs each pregnancy) but people's eyes get really huge when I tell them I still have a month to I have 12 kids in my belly. Don't pay them one bit of attention!!


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