Thursday, 8 December 2011

34 Weeks

I am still surprised every day at how quickly these months have passed! So many people told me to expect time to draaaag, but I have experienced the very opposite. Maybe because I have loved every moment of being pregnant. It's been an adventure of discovery and magical! I've not always felt well and now I'm getting quite uncomfortable in every part of my body, but I have LOVED growing this baby & bonding with her. 
Even when she wallops me or I have painful practice contractions or terrible heartburn I treasure it. 

Some of you, my dear friends, have told me how heartburn is a sure sign of baby having a head full of hair...looks like you were absolutely right! 
I had a scan yesterday to check on Baby Woo's growth. We saw her in so much more detail, her little pursed lips, cute button nose and "mop of hair"! At first the sonographer said "she {baby} has some fuzz on her head...nope, she's got a mop of hair!". We could see it even though it was just a normal 2D ultrasound! 
Just like me, Baby Woo will enter this world with a head full of luscious locks ;)

My Mom said I looked like a spider monkey with all of my dark sticking up hair.
What do you think?
Baby Me circa 1977.
 I guess Baby Woo won't be needing any headbands in order to wear the sweet bows her Aunt Lindsay is making, she'll have enough hair to just clip 'em right on! 

During our check up yesterday the doctor found that I have polyhydramnios or too much amniotic fluid around baby. It's a very mild case, but as a result I had some blood tests to check for infection. I do not have diabetes or any of the other issues that can cause polyhydramnios and we will go
back to the hospital in 2 weeks for another scan to check on the fluid level again. 
The doctor isn't worried and neither are Mr Woo &  I. It's a pretty common complication 1 in 100 pregnancies. At this stage, being so close to full term the only action they might take would be to induce labor early if I am too uncomfortable, that might be a huge blessing actually!

This Sunday my sweet friend Heather is throwing a baby shower for me. It's going to be a very small and laid back affair, but I couldn't be more excited :) 
I'll take lots of photos so that I can share what we get up to!

I'd better get back to making this custom necklace and bracelet order or else! 



  1. Getting closer! Really wish I could be there on Sunday, I'm going to miss all of the fun! Have the best time ever and I'll just have to live it through yours and Heather's pics :)

  2. What a cute baby picture of you! I am so glad that all is well, I was just thinking of you yesterday and wondering hoe you were getting on. Not long now!

  3. Ahhhh!!!!! I'm sooooo excited she has your thick baby hair! I hope it's really dark too! I LOOOOOOOVE babies with lots of hair and I can't wait to see your sweet precious bebe.

    And that's so interesting about the extra amniotic fluid! I'll pray everything goes smoothly, but thankfully it sounds like something that you don't have to worry about.


  4. I know Vicky! I'm sad that you can't come, but this time of year is hard to get it all done, I understand. We will def. meet up at some point, Heather has made it a personal mission!

    Thank you for the thoughts Whitney, it means a lot x I really isn't long at all, I can't believe it!

    Thanks Coco, my next scan to check on things is Dec 21st, I'm sure it'll be fine.

    How many days til Christmas now?! eeeek!


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