Sunday, 4 December 2011

20 Sleeps & Happy Birthday Mommy!

According to Santa's OFFICAL clock there are only 20 sleeps, 13 hours, 43 minutes, & 51 seconds until Christmas!!!! 

I think I'm more excited about Christmas now than when I was a kid....well....maybe that's not possible. But I'm super excited! We started decorating last night! eeeeeeeeeee! I love putting up our tree because so many of the ornaments were gifts and I think of each person who gave it as I unwrap the treasure and hang it up. 
Thoughts of sugar plums and sugar cookies and truffles are dancing in my head as I'm trying to figure out what goodies to make to give as gifts this year....mmmm.......Christmas baking.....

I had a big surprise!!!
so charming!
Mr Woo & I have just been on a short break to Conwy in Wales to celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary. It was absolutely wonderful. I haven't felt so relaxed in....well....I can't even remember when I've been so relaxed.  We stayed in a very charming B&B called Castlebank Hotel. It was gorgeous! The building was lovely & then our room was a dream! We had The French Room. Mr Woo & I have a special draw to France. Because I am 33, nearly 34 weeks pregnant I'm not able to fly. If I hadn't been so pregnant we were going to spend our anniversary in Paris. I've collected Eiffel Tower figures for a few years now. I don't know where this attraction to France started but it's there! Mr Woo had no idea of the theme when he booked the room. It was all a surprise for me so I didn't know either! It wasn't until we arrived that we noticed our room was like a Parisian salon. Perfect!  
We ate in lovely restaurants and wandered around the seaside towns. Even in the cold it was fabulous! I'll have to do a full post when I've managed to get our photos together. It felt like we'd been gone for weeks rather than 2 days. 

Once I'd worked out my due date for Baby Woo's debut I thought, "wow, it's so going to fly!". The lead up to her arrival is jam packed with wonderful. The countdown began with our anniversary. 30th November. 
Mr Woo made this year especially special. It really was the best time I think we've ever had! 
Then the whole exciting lead up to Christmas and the actual day! 
Then my Mommy arrives ... and then it's baby due day (18 Jan)! Then my birthday a few days after the due date (23 Jan) in case she's running late, but hopefully she won't be later than my birthday. 
It's going to be over in a flash! Then she'll be here! 

Speaking of my is her birthday! 
She's the one in red....of course! She wanted to wear red to my wedding...I had to put my foot down. 
My Mom is the most generous person I know. Not only with money, but with her time, her prayers and she gives so freely of herself. She is never at home she's always running around looking after my Grandmother or her other friends or anyone else who needs looking after! Ben & I spent last Christmas at home with my family thanks to my Mom flying us over for our Christmas gift....and there was still loads under the tree for us. She just can't help herself! She's also one tough cookie, my Mom. She raised 4 of us on her own and it wasn't an easy life we had, it was full of challenges all along the way. She chose her path and she never complained. When I am struggling through something, even if it's something silly like dragging 2 suitcases full of stock through the snow, running late for a craft fair I think to myself 
"if my Mom could start walking a mile to the nearest phone, in labor, pregnant with twins, to call an ambulance I can make the 500 yards to the fair." 
Plus she's always been my biggest cheerleader. She doesn't always know how to tell me she's proud, but I know. She'd go to the ends of the earth for me. She's a good Momma. 
Now she's showering Baby Woo with generosity and presents too! Baby Woo will be granddaughter 
# 3 but my Mom was still hoping that she'd been a girl! I guess raising 3 boys was enough! Ha! Having 3 brothers was enough for me I'll tell ya!

It's about to be very, very fun around here :)

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  1. Your anniversary trip sounded amazing!! Good job Ben!! :) I know you needed that getaway, so I'm glad you finally know what it is and got to enjoy it!

    And I love your Mom. She is just such a fun, sweet & kind person. She is a tough cookie, for sure! And I'm so glad you guys have each other. She'll be the BEST Grandma!



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