Saturday, 12 November 2011

Today was THE day!

From this...

To this. 

The first photo is from Becnicks Wonder Emporium opening day back in March this year. The next photo is all that was left of my unit after clearing it out yesterday. I'm going to go back tomorrow with some help and pick up the shelves and the box of stuff that I couldn't carry on the bus.

The girls have kindly agreed to keep some of my stock and rather than paying rent and doing shifts! Duh! No brainer! I'll get to feather my nest and save my pennies leading up to the quickly approaching big day!  
Can you believe that one carrier bag and two shelves is all that is left of 8 months of work! My entire business fit into one box and two small bags! 

I've got mixed emotions about leaving, I guess anyone would. At first we discussed a maternity leave of absence but then in the end we agreed that I would finish. I know it is the right decision, it is a HUGE relief, it was time to leave. But if I'm honest I am feeling a little sad. I think it's only natural to feel that way. It's like a tiny mourning for a change in life.

As I'm sitting here enjoying a cup of tea, feeling & watching Baby Woo kick and move in my belly I am so looking forward to the totally life altering experience that is on the way in only a few short weeks. I have a lot of cleaning and prepping still to do. I can NOT believe it's nearly the middle of November. Mr Woo & I will be celebrating our 3rd wedding anniversary on the 30th and then it's December! Where has the time gone?

For now I'd better get my skates on, I have a huge amount of cleaning and laundry to do.

Please join me as I raise my mug "may the next 10 {almost down to 9!!!!} weeks be full of rest, peace and joy!" 

When I was in school 9 weeks, the length of our semesters, was an eternity, now 9 weeks is the blink of the eye. How things change.

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