Wednesday, 2 November 2011

A few more Baby Woo Nursery bits.

My dreamy Heather Ross Far Far Away fabric 

The finished dust ruffle!

I used a vintage sheet for the bit that will fit under the mattress. It isn't necessary, I could have used some muslin or something but why be bland! 

The gorgeous wall hanging made by my half sister! She has given us so much! I've been spoiled beyond belief! 

The owl clock made by my sister! It works! 

She even made a rag quilt!!! Love it! It's so soft! 

I can't thank my sister Bess Anne enough. She has gone above and beyond! She has lavished us with love and generosity. The last time I saw Bess Anne was at our father's funeral in 1997. We have really bonded over my baby girl. It has been such a precious time. I guess the crafty gene runs in the family! Can you believe all she has done?! And she's not done yet, she's ordered some prints that I "liked" on facebook and is sending those too! I am gobsmacked!

In other news I sent of my maternity grant application today. Hopefully it'll be approved and I'll be able to finish the nursery. I need to paint. I need the crib mattress, sheets & blankets for the mattress, a rug, a dresser to use as a dresser and changing table. Hmm....what else? Mr Woo & I have decided to get a Tripp Trapp High Chair because they grow with the baby. We need a camera & I would really like to find a dryer if I can. Our clothes do not dry well in this rainy humid weather & I have to wash them again when they've gotten all smelly.
My friend is going to help me clean the carpets, pick out my paint, help Mr Woo paint and hopefully help me hunt for the dresser! There is a lovely vintage chest at Becnicks that I have my eye on as well! It's perfect for toys and blankets, fingers crossed that it doesn't sell until I can get to it! We're getting there, slowly but surely.
I have given notice at the shop, I am really looking forward to having the freedom of not spending looong days with no breaks. It's already starting to get dark at 5pm and the temperatures are dropping. I won't be sorry that I won't have to wait for the bus in the cold and dark. I'll miss spending time with the girlies but I can always visit. It'll be even more sweet to visit with Baby Woo in a couple of months time!

p.s. I'm 29 weeks pregnant today!


  1. What amazing things from your sweet sister in law!!! And the dust ruffle is AWESOME. Her room is going to be so adorable, I just can't wait to see the finished product and all of these wonderful things together. :) You will have to have more little girls to keep passing these beautiful treasures to. ;)

  2. Lots of lovliness on your blog as always! I LOVE that wall hanging. Gorgeous! What a lovely sister (mine can't sew - she bakes :D)


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