Wednesday, 9 November 2011

30 Weeks!

Can you believe it?!!!! 

Only 10 weeks or 70 days until my due date!! 

Baby Woo has been quite quiet for a week or so, she's been worrying me. Mr Woo & the internet said that it's normal as the there is less room in the bump for kicking and punching. But today she has been very busy, which has been a huge relief! I can feel something round on the left side of my bump I wonder if it's her head or bottom. How cute if it is her cute baby tocks?!

I should hopefully be finished at the shop in the next couple of weeks....fingers crossed for WEEK rather than weeks. I'm finding it harder and harder to spend the entire day in the shop, it really exhausts me. Last week I had to catch the bus in the dark and rain. It was pretty awful. I haven't felt right since. 
Soooo, I'm hoping it'll be sooner rather than later. 

In the mean time I've been reading the twilight books, drinking lots of tea, making gift & price tags, birdie ornaments and soaking in the tub...while reading the twilight books. 
This cute little baby growing in my belly is getting heavy, she's got a lot of weight to put on in the next few weeks. I've still got lots of prep to do and I need to get this flat in order, it's a mess! 

The grant application was returned denied. There has been a clerical error so I need to follow it up. Uuugh! Don't they know I need to order the crib mattress?!  Off I go, to make a brew and get typing my "hey! you've made a mistake" letter. 

Bye for now x      


  1. She will be here before you know it!! I'm sorry the grant didn't go thru properly. I sure hope that it's quickly approved....

    Ya know what's weird, I've never felt "braxton hicks" contractions! NOt with any of the pregnancies.... I wouldn't even know what it feels like?

  2. I am still stunned by how quickly this is pregnancy has flown by!
    I made the phone calls yesterday to sort out the grant stuff. Found the letters they needed and got the covering letter sorted and mailed today.

    Sometimes my bump is just as solid as a rock & sometimes the contractions are even painful. Sometimes painful enough to stop me in my tracks! If I sit down and relax for a min they go away. Weird. It's when the painful ones started I thought....maybe natural childbirth is an insane idea!


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