Monday, 24 October 2011

It was all fine til the nap.

The nap.
I didn't sleep well last night, I don't guess women on the verge of 7 months pregnant do sleep well. On days I'm not at the shop I normally take an afternoon nap, I just HAVE to otherwise I'm a crab. Today I laid down around 4:30 I guess and had a really restless rest? Then Mr Woo got home and I fell back to sleep for about 2 hours! Oops! 
I woke up hungry enough to eat an ox! But we have no food in the house at the moment. We really need to go shopping. So we had to go down to the village shop. But sometimes it takes Mr Woo a while to get going, so by the time we got to the shop it was like 9pm. Still no dinner & I was getting mad. We spent too much time wandering around the shop and I was getting really frustrated and annoyed. While I was trying to get everything prepped for our baked potatoes I was speaking to Mr Woo's brother on the phone. He has a new girlfriend. It's her birthday in a couple of days and he called to tell me about her wonderful gifts which includes a trip to someplace wonderful. 
Well that was it. 
I lost it. 
I marched into poor Mr Woo who greeted me with a big smile and told him about how they're jetting off somewhere amazing and how we never do anything and I burst into tears & hurt his feelings :( 
Seriously resenting my baked potato. 

You should have seen my crocodile tears. 
It was pretty terrible. 

Plus when I was on the phone I was wiping something up and broke a ceramic letter and cut my finger and  was bleeding all over the counter. 

What a night. 

I'm still grumpy but now also feeling awful for hurting Mr Woo's feelings. 


  1. Aww bless you! I'm sure Mr Woo understands. Hopefully a good nights rest (or as good as heavily pregnant allows) will cure your grumps. Tomorrow is a new day, I hope yours is a good one :)

  2. ooo honey! remember those times. don't panic and give a big sorry and then lay on thick how hard it is to be pregnant, then you being hungry makes baby woo hungry!.....if you think you've been a bit moody now wait til your up all night with a baby! (it is wonderful though!!) xxx

  3. Head for the nearest fish and chip shop next timeand make Mr Woo go and fetch! I do feel for you though, it isn't always easy and it isn't always comfortable,lugging that weight around 24/7 AND hormones tearing around your body.Have a good moan, get some sleep and make Mr Woo do more. Take care.

  4. Seriously, waiting til like 10pm to wait for cooked food would make me wanna go off on someone too... I think while pregnant we get a "pass" on melt downs and maybe it'll inspire him to take you somewhere nice, even if it's just on a trip somewhere for an afternoon on his day off. :) I hope today your day is much, much better!! Hugs.

  5. Thanks Ladies x. I was not a happy bunny. Fo reals.
    Today has been better but the lack of sleep has not. Ach well, I guess I should get used to it!


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