Tuesday, 4 October 2011

I got ma hairs did!

For the first time in a year I got my hairs did!
I had at least 6 inches cut off of the longest layer! I should have taken a before picture but with my Baby Brain I didn't think about it...

I'm going to try to wrangle Mr Woo into taking some bump photos! I'm 25 weeks along tomorrow!
Seriously, this is flying!
In other news I got some cotton quilt batting today and I have cut out quite a few squares out of vintage fabrics! Squeeeee! 

Just one step closer to piecing together Baby Woo's quilt! It's scary as I've never done it before but I'm excited! 


  1. Supe cute hair!!! :) And you're going to do awesome on the quilt!

  2. Love the hair and I bet your quilt is amazing! HUGS!

  3. Thanks so much Lolly! I'm at the binding stage of the quilt already! But I'm clueless & the tutes are confusing me....so I think I'm gonna have to wing it! Eeeek! xoxox!


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