Friday, 7 October 2011

Changing Table Ideas

I am on the hunt for a changing table. There seems to be a trend of using dressers and sideboards for changing units and I really like the way they look. They're something that will grow with baby and not become obsolete. We are in a serious shortage of storage especially now that we've got sooo many beautiful baby clothes for Baby Woo. There are two sideboards at Becnicks  that might work nicely but they'll both need to be painted. Hmm....I'll need baskets to go inside of the bottom if I got sideboards....they're a great price at £40. Should I wait to see if I can find a dresser? 
Or should I just go for a sideboard?! 

Here are some of  the pix that are making me swoon

All the pictures are of dressers or chest of drawers...but the sideboards might be gorgeous all painted up in the perfect color and with the perfect changing mat and baskets inside? 
So many choices! So much loveliness! 


  1. excellent idea rather than an ordinary changing tables and you can always put the baby in the drawers if you're really pushed for room!! My husband actually was put to sleep in a drawer when he was a baby!

  2. Looks Like there would be plenty of space to change a diaper along with space to put the needed items to change a diaper successfully.


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