Sunday, 16 October 2011

Baby Woo's Quilt

I am not sure if I have posted the pictures that I took while putting Baby Woo's quilt together. I was nervous to do it, but like I said before I had to get over being a chicken
I had quite a collection of pretty vintage fabrics already that seemed to work perfectly together! I picked up a few other bits from Heidi at Becnicks .
And then I started!

Cutting out the square 4.5 x 4.5 

Laying out the squares! 

Strips done! Ready to be pressed. 

half of the strips put together! 

QUILTING! Go! little blue go! 

The very last row of quilting....I was a little sad it was about to be over I was enjoying the process so much. 

I ended up machine sewing the binding too, my hand stitching skills are horrid! 

The whole sha-bang! 

I was enjoying quilting so much I made a bib too! 

Next I want to make some fabric blocks like these! I'm just waiting on the toy stuffing I ordered to arrive. 

after the blocks will probably be the crib dust ruffle! 

My little blue Jones sewing machine has been the busiest she's been in years! But she's a trooper and running well! My Great Aunt Jenny & Great Grandmother, who were extremely skilled seamstresses, must be looking over my shoulder, making sure everything is going well. 


  1. great quilt = clever clever you! the blocks will be great filled with bells and lavender. x

  2. I love it!! See, you did awesome on both items and now your daughter will have this precious keepsake her whole life!

  3. Thanks girls! I never thought of lavender in the blocks! I did consider bells, or a rattle or something.

    I still can't believe I did it Courtney! But I'm so happy I pushed myself & I hope Baby Woo will treasure it x


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