Monday, 31 October 2011

Baby Woo's Mobile

I spent quite a lot of time thinking about what type of mobile I wanted to make, I did know I wanted to make something rather than buy something.
So my hunt for ideas was on. I thought woodland creatures made of felt, birds, and just plain circles.
It wasn't until I was checking out pretty things on Pinterest that I found the perfect pretty mobile! I came across a textile artist called Pam Garrison. This is the photo that inspired Baby Woo's mobile
by Pam Garrison.

My fave bit, milinary flower & vintage buttons. 

The Rose was from a gift given to me by my best friend Hailey. 

Little Bird x

The cream ribbon is from my wedding bouquet & the  2005 is the year Mr Woo &  I met

I used vintage ribbons, buttons and laces. I simply wrapped a vintage wooden embroidery hoop in ribbon  & started adding the bits - THAT'S IT!
I made the little heart and stuffed it with lavender for bedtime soothing.


  1. You've made so many sweet & beautiful things for her room! I love them!

  2. Very cute - I especially love the meaningful little added extras :)

  3. what a lovely, personal thing to make - Baby Woo will have many happy hours lying in her cot watching it.


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