Thursday, 29 September 2011

I'm a chicken.

There. I've said it. I'm being a chicken. I've got this "thing". I don't think anything I make is good enough for me to keep. If someone else likes it that's great! But why would I want to make something for myself? Cause I know where I've messed it up and stuff. 
Well. I need to get over it. I knew if I told you I'd be accountable to doing something about it! My friend Courtney has really inspired me in nursery design. You've gotta see her design board for her little girl's room, it's sooo unique and welcoming! I mean, if you read my last post you know I can't actually set anything up yet but surely it can't hurt to make a few things in preparation right?! 
I just remembered I have done something! I made a poster didn't I?! Do you remember? 
I'd better send that away for printing! 

Here's a photo of my crib {in it's previous home}
It used to belong to two little boys! It needs girlifying now! Bring on the pink!
I need at least one wall letter initial 

I do have lots of ideas...I just don't have the confidence to carry things out. But I want to push myself.
I want to make a beautiful valance (aka dust ruffle/skirt), because I will need a custom one now that I look at the photo of the crib, I want mine to go to the floor.

I wanted a woodland theme but I'm not quite sure how to work that in and still having a room fitting for a little girl. I'm leaning more towards vintage now. Vintage fabrics. Can I be eclectic without the room looking a mess? 
I LOVE this one:
I think Courtney showed me this nursery now that  I think of it! I've also had it pinned in my Pinterest  baby board for a while! They've done 3 valances...Hmmm....I like it! 
Love that dresser/changing table!
what beautiful wallpaper! and I LOVE the toadstool seat!!! 
these are so cool!!!!

SO I think my first project to get over my chicken liver will be the valance for the crib. I want a ruffley one not a really tailored one. I think I'll do a few layers maybe? I guess I'll have to see what fabrics I find {in my stash!}. This tutorial looks pretty good and this one is great for measuring.

just LURVE that dust ruffle! 
I'm up for any tips you might have about how to make stuff for the nursery. Any ideas are also welcome! Here we go! 


  1. You're going to do awesome!! You have great ideas, and the first step is just to find something that the rest of the room has to revolve around. My "something" was the quilt I found on I then knew what colors/fabrics I needed to find for the rest of the crib bedding... everything else sort of came in place after that (following my inspiration nursery). I bet if you made your crib skirt (which I know it'll be great when you make it), you'll have a perfect vision for the rest of the room! I was thinking, why not do a bunch of accents in that vintage green color you love with cute accesories on shelves and stuff? Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  2. I adore the toadstool seats. And that wallpaper? Divine.

  3. I read this post and thought of my friend's daughter's bedroom, which has a bit of a woodland theme (though the daughter is about 3 iirc):

    Girly and woodland-y without being too twee, and it's got toadstools! :)

  4. ooOOo your friend's little girl's room is adorable Beky! Just adorable! Thanks for sharing!


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