Tuesday, 27 September 2011

6 months!

It is nearly impossible for me to believe that I am entering my 24th week of pregnancy. 6 months! 
I'm 6 months pregnant! 
This half a year has flown by. And I imagine that the next few months will be here and gone in a flash, before long our precious Baby Woo will be in our arms! January 18th is sooo soon! I'd better not blink!
We may move house, so I haven't set up the nursery. To be honest I don't even know how to set up a nursery! I've picked out the crib bumper & that's all so far. I do love this nursery idea:
I love this nursery but I'd use greens and pinks I think! 
I feel like there is still so much to get done and the time is going by so quickly I'm beginning to think I won't get it done! Silly things like shampooing the carpets and removing all the cob webs and actually setting up the nursery so that Baby Woo actually has some place to sleep in her beautiful sleigh crib{it was given to us by a friend & it's stunning!}! 
I signed up for my birth and parenthood class this morning though! Mr Woo wants to be there so we've signed up for a Saturday all day class at the hospital. 

Baby Woo is growing quickly, she's already around1 1/2lbs & nearly 1 foot long!!! My bump is starting to show and I'm beginning to feel uncomfortable especially when I'm tired. 

I'm craving lots of sleep and meat! Gimme a roast beef with a side of roast chicken. MmHmmm! 

So, 24 weeks, 6 months, however you like to count it we're well on our way! 


  1. YAY! I love that nursery, it's so subdued and gorgeous! I'll send you my nursery idea board I just finally finished last night, it's been the best thing to keep my pregnant brain on track and organized and make sure what I've gotten will match (and to know what I still need to get)... I'm so excited for you and your sweet bebe girl!

  2. Congratulations! How exciting! Love the nursery, too. Best wishes to you and your baby!

  3. How exciting for you - that nursery will come together, you wait and see. Don't make yourself too tired doing things though!!


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