Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Vintage Woos

Mini Mrs Woo. Central Park...age 7. 

I always loved the animals best. I'm not sure how old I am here, 6 maybe?

Beach goof ball. 7ish. 

brand new Mrs Woo with Aunt Linda  c.1977

Easter with Auntie.

A rather small Mr Woo around age 4 or 5.

small Mr. Woo & his first set of wheels! 

Mr Woo, Guns & Roses and a poorly baby bunny. 
I am all brunette. Olive but fair complexion, dark hair, very dark brown eyes. Mr Woo on the other hand is very fair. Blond hair, green eyes, fair skin. What will Baby Woo look like?!

When I took biology in the 10th grade I learned how to predict genetic traits for eye color and stuff. But that was so long ago now I can't remember how it worked! My Dad had hazel eyes and dark brown wavy hair. My Mom has dark brown eyes and wavy hair. Mr Woo's Dad has bright blue eyes and dark curly hair. His Mum has light brown eyes and light brown straight-ish hair. Just continue the dark brown eyes, dark brown hair on my side of the family for generations back. Italian stock you see.

What are the chances of me having a blond baby with blue eyes?! I'll think they've given me the wrong kid!


  1. Love what your wearing with the animals! how long before baby woo appears? how exciting! x

  2. My Auntie, the one in the pix with me, dressed me until I was in double digits when I stayed with her. She never wanted kids of her own so I was her substitute small person!
    I'm nearly half way! 19 weeks along today! Baby Woo will hopefully turn up quite close to 18th January! x

  3. Isn't that the best thing to ponder, WHAT will your baby look like?? Dark genes are dominant, dark eyes/dark hair and light eyes/light hair are recessive genes... so I was and am still shocked Quinn has light hair and bright blue eyes... when the Dr said "you have a blonde baby" I wanted to kick him in the head! Anyways, my friend's two kids are 100% Filipino and both kids married light skin/hair/eyed americans and both of their kids are as blonde hair/light skinned/blue eyes as you could possibly get.. so who knows! It'll be the fun surprise in Jan!

  4. It's wonderful when you finally get to meet them and find out what they look like (although it's tough to tell in the first week 'cos they look all smooshed!). Both of mine are different. Alexandra has dark hair like me, and brown/green eyes like Rob. Zachary has fairer hair like Rob and Blue eyes like me (although most caucasian babies are born with blue eyes and can change over the first year). What's even more fun is finding out what their likes and dislikes are, what temperament they have and what catches their interests. Tiny people, BIG personalities! I am so excited for you guys! :)



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