Monday, 22 August 2011

Vintage Baby Clothes

A lovely lady called me this morning. I'd given her my card months ago and forgot all about it. She said she was clearing her house and had some one her own baby clothing that she wanted to get rid of, would I like to buy them for stock.
Well. Yes. Yes I would. A lot.
She stopped by with the same friend she was with when I met her before. They are both very sweet. Sue, the lady with the clothes, brought in the most adorable hand made & hand smocked things you've ever seen.
And of course, I don't have a camera that works so I can't even show you the ACTUAL dress, tunic and romper just now. They are all from the 1940s when Sue was a baby.
As I am a total sucker for vintage and anything baby at the moment I've decided to have a mooch online while I'm at the shop all day. What do you think? Which is your fave?

The romper I have has this exact same smocking! 
Bunnies! Squeee! 
From Belle Heir 

c. 1930

c. 1910

Speaking of Belle Heir you must go check out their beautiful things! Fine Vintage Clothing for babies and children. Serious swoonage.


  1. they are and i dont use this lightly 'simply devine' xx

  2. Will you be keeping the clothes or selling them in your shop? So exciting! You'll know if you'll need the blue ones or the pink ones in just 2 weeks! woot woot.

  3. Oh I'm totally keeping them! If Baby Woo is a boy I already have a buyer for the dress ha! But I'm keeping the Egyptian tunic and romper even if I do need to start buying blue! It's 2 weeks til you find out too isn't it!?!
    I am totally chomping at the bit!

  4. I'll find out two days after you I think.....and yes, the wait is excruciating! Can you text me the results?? I'll be so excited on sept 7th!

  5. email me your celly number so that I can text u! We're 5 hours ahead, I think my appt is at 10:45 so you'll find out first thing in the morning!


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