Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Food Obsessed.

I love food. I love eating. However, I have never been as food obsessed as I am now that I'm expecting Baby Woo. I'm sitting in my trusty chair trying to make out my to do list for today. It does include going to Tesco so I keep getting distracted by thoughts of what I can get to eat! Right now I'm desperate for a massive Greek salad! 
This one is PERFECT! No gross tomatoes!

To be honest I could probably happily just gnaw on a block of feta cheese alone. 
just hand it over and no one will get hurt.
Last night it was fish & chips soaked in vinegar. I would have probably been happy just to drink the vinegar. I love vinegar. mmmm. That's not just been a pregnancy thing either. I just love the stuff!
extra vinegar please!

I am a teeny tiny bit obsessed with pineapple too. Mmm. Pineapple....and cherries......
But nothing can compare to the mother of all of my cravings! 

THE GHERKIN! The lovely, lovely gherkin! 
I get through a jar at a time. One sad day I even drank some of the juice, well, it's actually just vinegar! I know, I know!!!! But it was good! 
I will no longer subject you to my food obsession for now. I must go get showered and ready for my day. I'm off to town to buy more gherkins ;)


  1. Hi,
    When i was carrying me daughter i craved lime juice and i was addicted to navel oranges which had to be cooled in the fridge, they tasted fabulous i just couldnt wait to eat them.
    Oranges just didnt taste the same once i gave birth.

  2. LOL! Love the list! I don't think I'd quite drink vinegar, but I agree, fries and fish smothered in lots of malt vinegar literally makes my mouth start to water!

  3. i got my greek salad for dinner! perfecto!


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