Sunday, 19 June 2011

Happy Father's Day, miss you Dad.

Some photos of my Dad on the beach, his fave place, with his eldest daughter Shea.
Most people don't know that I lost my Dad to a prescription drug and alcohol overdose when I was 20. It changed my life forever. It took years and years to adjust, but I did. Beautiful things came as a result of my experience, I was able to speak to others who found themselves without their parents in their youth as well. I learned how to forgive and let go.
Now I remember all the fun and sweet times. I remember the rhymes my Dad had for pretty much everything! I recall his silly sayings & his constant encouragement of me. I miss him every day. I missed him greatly on my wedding day and I wish he'd had a chance to meet my Mr Woo. I think they would have liked each other a lot. I will miss him when he has grandchildren he'll never meet. But if I ever have a baby boy he'll have my Dad's name.
Happy Father's Day Dad. 

I love you and miss you always, 
Your Baby Girl. x


  1. My dad died when i was 17. lots of love to you on fathers day. xx

  2. I know that was such a hard time. :( And I am so thankful that you can help other people through similar circumstances, nothing is more comforting knowing that someone else got through that same situation and God's peace! hugs today.

  3. I'm so thankful you were there for me Courtney. I have never forgotten that you came over and stayed the night I found out. Thank you. x


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