Friday, 6 May 2011


Hello my lovely friend! I have seriously got to show you this teapot I found in a charity shop & the pincushion I made because it's thrifty & fun :)

I saw this beautiful teapot in a charity shop for £5. I thought...that's a bit steep for me in a charity shop....but I couldn't take my eyes off of it! I stood in line for ages waiting my turn to check out and I just stared at the tea pot the whole time. So I thought. "Just get it you fool!" I usually leave it and then regret it and wish I'd not been so cheap.
WELL! As you can see I indulged! I like to know everything I can find out about the old stuff I buy. I reckoned this might have been from the 1930s-50s. It had no real hallmark but had an impressed maker's mark instead. I don't know how to read those at all. It took me a good hour to find a website that could help me interpret the marks. Are you ready for this? Because it blew me away.
This beautiful & vibrant teapot was cast on 22 August 1883. YEAH! I KNOW! 1883!!!! The mark even told me that it was from the first batch! It's amazing what a little diamond with some numbers and letters in can tell you!
I've also got a little craft to show you...

I came across this sweet tutorial for a tuna can pincushion at the Wee Folk Art blog! She's given really, really good instructions.
I loved the idea of recycling properly as well! Someone wants to buy this one so I will have to make another because it's such a good size. You've gotta try it if you like felt and pincushions. The original has a lot more embroidery but mine was pretty rubbish so I put some vintage buttons on instead :D
Pretty cute huh? All done while I watched Midsomer Murders!

This Spring has been so wonderful! More wonder to come I believe!

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  1. what a happy blog. you tea pot is fab and well worth the £5. and i am now thinking i need to make a pin cushion! xx


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