Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Jars of Goodness

I like jars. Pretty ones, which can be jam jars or jars that bath salts came in or plain old Mason jars.
I like to keep pretty things in them like buttons and beads.
oooh i wish these were mine! 

My sister in law, Mrs Lowther, makes recipe jars with ingredients for cookies or soup or brownies layered up beautifully.

Of course I do make jams and chutneys in the summer when I've gone exploring my wonderful foraging spot, but for now I'm going to make up jars of beads and buttons and jewellery bits for sale at Becnicks!
I'll have to see what I can part with! It'll be like pulling teeth, but I promise to fill some recycled jars with treasures. Really! I will! If you'd like one let me know I'm happy to make one up to your budget & fancy :)

Toodaloo x

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  1. fab jars! can't decide whether I like the ones with the butttons in best or the cookie mix!!


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