Friday, 8 April 2011

cute as a button treasury!

Yippeeeeeeeeeeee! I've sort of made an Etsy Treasury! The button bouquet I made that the lovely photographer Claire Penn bought and photographed is in the Treasury! Thank you Claire! Again!

You can buy Claire's print on Etsy if you LURVE IT as much as I do!
I feel famous!


  1. hi felicia, happy you're famous..but i dare to know how i can copy a treasury on my blog:) if you explain it to me..let me see..i can suggest u a couple of spring italian recipes to ofeer to your friends:)

  2. Hello sweet Katia! I used the "print screen" function on my laptop. It copies the screen. For the Treasury I was on the webpage and pressed Function key & f11. I don't know if it's the same on all computers.
    Then I pasted into microsoft paint and saved it and finally uploaded the image to my blog. I hope that helps and isn't too confusing.
    I would LOVE some spring Italian recipes to share! I will write them up here on my blog with love from you of course!


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