Friday, 11 March 2011

What I'm Working On

It's wedding season! Weddings are no longer the same. Gone are the days of cookie cutter themes. Brides are getting super creative these days. I'm working on a few things for a very creative bride who has shunned flowers from her day! She'll be carrying a brooch bouquet, her bridesmaid will have have a button bouquet {by me!} and the groom & groomsmen button boutonnieres {also by me}! I am loving all of the thriftiness and making in some of today's weddings. It makes my little old fashioned heart skip a beat!

So here is my first button boutonniere. The design is the bride's but I'm still pretty proud of my work :)
I've got to tidy up the fray {already fray-checked the rascal!}

So there ya go! A sneaky peak! What'd ya think?!


  1. THat's super cute! What a great idea. I love the side stacked buttons the best. Make sure to post the bouquet pics too!

  2. what a lovely idea, very clever of both of you!

  3. I def will Courtney! I'm excited about starting on the bouquet, but I have a dozen of these to do first!
    Thanks Whitney!


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