Wednesday, 30 March 2011

7 facts!

Thanks Courtney...I think?!
So....7 facts about me. What am I supposed to say???

1. I have one leg quite a bit shorter than the other one! I was like 20 before I found out. I chiropractor asked me "do you have your pants specially hemmed?" - what? What a weird question! She explained that she thought my pelvis was twisted, probably due to a fall I had in high school when I broke my coccyx.
It wasn't until years later when I was being treated by a physio massage therapist that I found I had a lot of pain & knots in my back around my hips. I explained what the first chiropractor said she said that it was just that my right leg was shorter! Good Lord! No wonder I have such a fly swagger! a rum hip & knee!

2. I have been to 3 of the 4 corners of Africa. In 2001 I traveled to Togo, West Africa. I was my first time over seas & I was leading a team of teenagers. It was really difficult & I was a terrible leader!

 The next year I co-led a team of teenagers again to Kenya (East Africa). It was amazing and saved my love of travel which had nearly been spoilt by Togo. I loved everything about it. I loved Kenya. I loved the people. I adored my team. The animals! The smell of Africa!
 Oh how I loved it and drank it all in. 

 Finally I went to Morocco in 2004. We stayed in Agadir & The Village of Hope Orphanage in Ain Leuh.  One day I hope to visit South Africa so that I will have been to all 4 corners of Africa. It is such a special place to me.
Village of Hope.

3. I LURVE charm bracelets. But no Pandora or Sabo for me thanks! I'll take the old fashioned charm bracelet any day...and I do! I have my own gold charm bracelet which was a gift from my Dad on my 16th birthday, silver one that I started, and my Aunt Linda's gold charm bracelet that came to me when she died. I wore her's on my wedding day. Besides those I have a few "costume" ones because as far as I'm concerned there is just no such thing as too many charm bracelets! {I'm really beginning to fancy lockets too!}

4. I am allergic to my rabbit. He makes me sneeze and makes my eyes sting and water.

5. I am the type of person who leaps before I think. I charge into things without totally weighing up the pros and cons and so forth. I make up my mind and that's it, away I go! I've made some pretty major life choices by just charging ahead and dealing with consequences later. Like giving notice at my job & apartment before actually being accepted for my training school in another country. When I got put on a waiting list was the first time I'd considered I might not get in! I did get in, in case you were wondering :)

6.  I am a Parisophile. I have yet to visit Paris. But I am a bit obsessed with Eiffel Tower, new wave Parisian images, the language and kitsch poodles.

7. I am a visual thinker/learner. Duh. My blog is full of photos and images. I can read or hear instructions but until I watch someone or a video I can not understand!

So there ya go! I hope you've learned something new :)

I think I'm supposed to pass this award along so I choose....

*drum roll*

Kirsten Myers Blake 

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  1. I love your gold charm bracelet too!! Julie got me a silver charm bracelet with a "G&C Judah" charm on it when Judah was born and then a "Quinn" charm when he was born. I'll never take it off!

    See, that was fun right! ;)


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