Monday, 28 February 2011

Knitted Notebook Cover

I have been looking for a fun little knitting project that will go quickly. I've been working on Baby George's blanket for months. I started casting off only to find I didn't leave enough yarn to finish!!!!! Classic school girl error!!!! I didn't have anymore of that wool so I had to order some! Bah!
The pattern I'm working on is from the Launch issue of Making Magazine.

I'm not the only one working on Knitted Notebook Covers, check these from Shade Tree Art. 

 Here's a pattern you can get on Raverly!

Here's a pattern from

This one is lovely too, another Ravelry pattern
Aren't they just gorgeous!
I can't wait to get back to mine! Hopefully we'll have a camera sorted soon so I can show you what I've been getting up to!
I'd love to know what you're working on!

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  1. i think yours is the best. i love the making magazine, though yet to use. x


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