Monday, 31 January 2011

An Irish Blessing

Ok.'s not St. Patrick's Day. I'm barely Irish {my paternal grandmother was Irish, just like most American's from the east coast!}.

 My brother in law,we'll call him, Larry Woo, is in the process of applying for the RAF or Royal Air Force. He's taken and passed his written exam. All that's left is an interview and physical exam.
Larry was born an old man. According to his mother he was in fact quite a wrinkly baby as be decided to grace everyone with his presence a few weeks early. He's that type of person, he likes to be in the midst of whatever is going on. Unlike my husband who would rather sit back and take it all in.
Not only was Larry Woo born an old conservative soul, but he was born an old world Irish Gypsy traveller. I can not possibly explain it all now. But for an example... 
Once he was so annoyed by his parents and their "mithering" he pitched a tent in their field and slept there for two weeks.
Another time he moved a smelly old caravan into the bottom of the field and lived in that thing with no running water or toilet for months!

 While he's preparing for the RAF he's been living at home. He had to move back to the village in June. He began the overhaul of the shed knowing that it would only be a matter of time before he couldn't take living IN the house any more. To his credit he has completely transformed the horrible, damp, spider ridden shed into a tiny house! He's installed the wiring, insulated the whole building, rebuilt the floors, put up walls, plastered the walls, installed a kitchen and the last bit is the plumbing. I've gotten to go on lots of trips to the DIY store which I enjoy as it's sort of crafty in a way.

Now that his walls have been finished I offered to paint an Irish blessing above his door just to complete all of his hard work. 
Only an Irish Blessing will do, because, as I described before, he's an old fashioned Irish Gypsy Traveller.

I thought of the most well known blessing "May the road rise to meet you..." but I'm more drawn to this one after all:

Lovely card by

Old man Larry is just the type to get all misty eyed about such a verse. So am I to be sure.


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