Wednesday, 15 December 2010

I've been a Louse!

Sorry Charlies. I've been so busy & then this week I've been doing endless laundry because we're going home to South Carolina for Christmas!!!!

I survived the seasonal craft fairs! I celebrated our second wedding anniversary! I baked a 4 layer American Chocolate Fudge Cake for my bro in law's birthday.
I've been at the market Thursdays through Saturdays and attending my business planning meetings and trying to squeeze Christmas shopping in there too - I didn't think far enough ahead to make presents. Maybe I'll be that organised next year!

So yeah. Pretty busy.

But it'll all be worth it because I am spending my first Christmas home in 5 years and I can hardly wait! It is my favorite time of year and I have found the last few Christmases quite....depressing. My family has traditions and it's just hard when you're far away at special times. But THIS year all of the family is going to be there!!!! Every single one! I'm going to see my nieces open presents on Christmas morning for the first time! Then it's back to my mom's house for a HUGE meal. AND THEN as some friends who don't live locally anymore are getting together on boxing day! It's going to be wooooonderful! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
I'm already in vacation mode. Not bothered about working, I just wanna get this house clean and the last few tins of chocolate bought.

I've finally sent off for my provisional license {like a learning permit}. I am excited about that too!
The search is on for a cute & safe car with great gas mileage!

So there ya have it folks! I need to get back to laundry and a few other little jobs before I head back to the ole market tomorrow!!!
Bye bye for now!

Thursday, 2 December 2010

my mad week.

Uuuugh. I feel rubbish. I was fighting a cold & the cold won, big time. I've allowed myself to abandon the market stall and have today off. It's been non-stop since last Thursday. Busy day and night!
I slept until 12:30 today! And boy did I have some crazy dreams.
Lets just say I spent an awful lot of time with Ewan McGregor between 6am and 12:30 this afternoon. Oh my. More Moulin Rouge McGregor, not Trainspotting McGregor.
I never knew he had a tattoo!
Aaanyway. I spent yesterday in a business planning workshop. It was excellent! The speaker was very good....and Scottish.....I'm beginning to understand my dream.
Subconscious debrief!

I attended my workshop at the Chester Enterprise Centre in Hoole.
Upon checking Facebook I found out that the Enterprise Centre burned down over night!
The Centre was home to small businesses and Blue Orchid which is the business start up advisers that have been helping me.
One of the tenants has set up a facebook group as a meeting place for those affected.
The fire alarm actually went off during our workshop but turned out to be a test. My heart goes out to those businesses who have lost everything. I'm sure there will be something set up to help them. When I find out I'll post the info.

I've got so much to do. I just can't seem to get started's like I can only sit around and think about how much I have to do.

It's my brother in-law's birthday today and he is cooking a meal for the whole family including his new German lady (who is over visiting). I am making the cake. I'm almost done....but I just want to take a nap!
It's an American Chocolate Fudge Cake using "only Cadburys" chocolate per the birthday boy's request. I am decorating the top with as many Cadbury chocolate  bars as I can fit including Freddos, Curly Wurlys and fudge bars.

 That ought to satisfy his Cadburys cravings.

I have to finish a couple of bags and charm bracelets. I have the Kelsall Primary PTA Christmas Fair tomorrow night and I'm having my own mini Christmas Fair here at home on Sunday night! But first I have to make it though an all family + new girlfriend meal while feeling very poorly!

I guess I'd better get myself down to the chemist and pick up some cold medicine! Any recommendations?
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