Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Small Woodland Creatures

I am really into woodland pretties. I'm doing a woodland stuff research as I'm planning on painting some wooden discs to make some rings and things.
I've come across some wonderful things in my world wide web travels! I just have to share!
Little Hoot 

The Forest Party
Wee Three Gnomes
Pocket Mushroom
Bambi Coin Purse

The Tiniest Owl Family Locket - Vintage 

Ok! I've got to stop myself NOW otherwise I'm going to get completely out of control! The acorns and hedgehogs and rabbits and squirrels.....I've just gotta stop or it'll be cuteness overload {That gnome! I mean come on!}!!!
It's a very cold & yucky day so I'm going to grab my little pad of paper and pencil and get under the duvet and keep on sketching. 

What's your favorite small furry woodland creature? Real or fantastic :)



Monday, 18 October 2010

Mondays Are For Admin.

Ok. I admit it. I'm one of those people who actually enjoy administrative jobs. I love organising. I love filling in paperwork. It's ok, I've come to terms with the fact that I'm a total weirdo!

Today has been non-stop admin stuff. Paying bills, emailing website guys, researching vintage goodies for my stall, booking our train tickets for our trip home in Dec. and a new trick Electronic System for Travel Authorisation. My sweet Hus can't just come on in to the US of A without this new thing.I feel like I haven't left this computer all day....I haven't actually!


Wanna see some pics of my stall?

I'm already looking forward to Thursday when I get to go back! I am surprised by the fact that the majority of my customers are little grannies. Normally my audience is made up of teenage girls, so this is a real switch! I so enjoy the conversations and unsolicited advice! Grandmothers, especially mine, give the best advice.
When I spoke to my Grandmother before my trip to Kenya she gave me the most wonderful advice I had or ever have received. I'll share it with you now:

"You're going to see lots of wild animals out there. Maybe even a lion. You're going to want to touch them. Don't. Don't touch the lions. They're very dangerous."

PLEASE share with us what the best advice you've ever been give has been. Solicited or not ;)
It doesn't have to be good sound advice mind you! 

By the way the photographer is my cute Hus. He ain't just a pretty face y'all! :)

Friday, 15 October 2010

“Don’t give up on your art!”

I've got some incredible sister friends. You know the ones. The ones who know my heart so well that they just get it.
No words or explanations required. Heck, being in the same town or country isn't even required these days.
Some times they just hit the nail so precisely on the head that I am boggled by how they can understand what I am feeling when I am feeling it when we don't speak on a regular basis. These girls are my soul mates.

If you sometimes feel like throwing in the towel. If you sometimes run outta steam, please, please read this, sent to me by a soul sister. I can pretty much promise you inspiration...

Everyday, in my line of work, I wake up and judge myself by a number.  When that number is elevated, I get this feeling of safety, control, and permanence.  It washes over me like a warm bath.  But then a new day comes, and who knows what it brings.

On the surface these moments happen once a day, when in reality, they’re occurring all the time.  They serve as a constant reminder of change, and at times, I drive myself crazy with the roller coaster ride.
One day you’re on top of the world – maybe your book of business is full, or you land a new job, or hit your own “number”.  And you feel fantastic.

Problem is…you can’t stay there.

This very fact can free you or keep you broken.  And in all honesty, I’m still fighting the battle.  But like it or not, each moment is a new moment.

My seven-year old son recently worked on a painting project in school.  While painting, he looked at the other students work and decided his painting didn’t cut it.  His conclusion – “I hate art and I’m not doing it any longer.” We have literally had to intervene so he would participate in art class.

It’s easy to be thrown off course by your successes and failures no matter what your age.  If you end up strongly attached to one thing, it throws you for a loop when change comes flying through.  But you must continue.  You must avoid the temptation to close yourself off, give up, or go comfortably numb.

Time and again I see people with great skill and interesting ideas begin with an ocean of excitement.  They work hard at turning their ideas into reality, but then the tide begins to pull back, they meet unexpected obstacles, and find themselves at a crossroads.  They’re frozen…deflated.

When this happens, remember, a new moment has arrived.  You begin anew.

Knowing this, I suggest you do yourself a favor and heed the advice I’m currently giving my son in heavy doses.

“Don’t give up on your art!”

The author is David P. Diana

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Lil' Bandito!

Oh Lil' Bandito....
You stole my heart
Isn't he just dreamy! I love Raccoons. I have ever since my cousin Lenny gave me a PottBelly Raccoon stuffed animal when I was little. He named it Rocky. I still have Rocky. He doesn't have a pot belly any more, or eyes, or a nose or mouth. He's got a few holes, but I love him so. 
I still cuddle him if I'm very sad. 
Rocky has been with me through so much. 
Lil' Bandito would be a wonderful addition to our little Raccoon family. Rocky agrees. 
Lil' Bandito lives with my sweet friend Kitty right now, in her Etsy shop Fritzi Marie. Kitty has lots of other wonderful vintage treasures in her shop and her blog is wonderful! Go make friends! 

BUT! Hands off Lil' Bandito! :)

Thursday, 7 October 2010

A few party pix

Well, still no word from the professional photographer so I'll show you what I have from Jayne's party. I took these quickly as I was laying the table and getting ready for people to arrive...and trying to get dressed at the same time!
I wish I'd not had a full memory card! I wanted to take so many more photos...but I was busy being hostess, 1950s style! 


 So there we go! Paper Chains, circle chains, vintage paper doily bunting, carrot cake, apple pie, lemon cured filled cupcakes, salted chocolate shortbread, sausage rolls (vegetarian ones too!) and lots of dainty little sandwiches with no crusts! Mmmm!

The party was so much fun! I slept really well that night!

Hope you enjoy the photos x

Monday, 4 October 2010

My Good News!

I'm opening a market stall!!!!! I just had to blurt it out! It has been a looooooong road, I greatly appreciate that you have been along with me for the journey.
From toiling about what to do to raising money on ebay to fund the insurance to waiting and waiting and waiting... AND FINALLY - I will be a seller at Chester Market! 

Chester has had a Public Market since the 12th Century, its roots steeped in history from early Roman times! According to the Chester Market website: 
Chester Market used to be situated on Northgate Street next to the Town Hall, where it traded for over 100 years before moving to the current  site in Princess Street in 1967. The lively city of Chester, is steeped in history and, and has been attracting shoppers looking for bargains for thousands of years.
I've shopped at Chester Market often but I never thought about it's history. Now I'm going to be part of it as seller, pretty amazing really.
I have plenty of stock, but I've been making too just to be sure that I've got something to offer. I thought you might like a sneak peak....maybe???
Special Mother of the Bride Necklace. 

My fave earrings - 1930s rose beads. swoon. 

Vintage Button Cuff on wool felt. 

Vintage Button cuff on elastic.

Vintage Button cuff on elastic. Believe it or not these cuffs take over a hour to make!


this one is made of teeny tiny buttons, vintage of course!

because we're all a little bit funky ;)

a very romantic charm bracelet of all vintage charms and beads!

Night Sky charm bracelet with vintage and recycled components.

I've really enjoyed making treasures for the market. I love having a goal! It helps me push myself. Because you're my friend, if you see anything you'd like to be yours I'll give you first dibs! Just let me know in a comment and I'll make up an etsy listing for you! {except the MOB necklace, that is reserved already!}

I am so happy to be sharing this news with you! I'd better go get scrubbed up! I'm headed into town to see my stall and take measurements! eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Love, Love, LOVE!

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