Wednesday, 23 June 2010


I feel as grumpy as this disapproving rabbit. Blogger is being really glitchy! I haven't been able to upload my car boot treasure photos! Grr! The problem might be that I'm using Linux as an operating system instead of Windows or something like that. Hopefully Mr Woo can sort it out for me soon.

Friday, 18 June 2010


Not just any green...that perfect {what I call} Vintage green. It's kind of blue. Kind of green. 100% lush.
This green and the duck egg blue that I also lurve were popular colors for mid-century bathrooms! Funny!

I can not resist it.

The pottery company SylvaC made lots in this PERFECT green. I've actually managed to score a 1930s Green Deco Sylvac vase (this is what it looks like but mine is green) for £2!

I just had to share my fave green! I'm giving my eyes a workout in preparation for the carboot sale this weekend! Gotta spot that green!

 I'll also be searching for super kitsch poodles

oh and Eiffel towers!
I am getting excited!!!! Can ya tell?

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

1950s Kitchen Cupboards.

*warning! you will swoon!*

The first time I saw one of the wonderful free standing cupboards was years ago in a 100% mountain man's shack, and I do mean shack. Although it was dirty and not in the best condition I was still charmed by it's pull out enamel work top and smart little doors.
Do you know they type of cabinet I mean?


Aren't they just dreamy?

I went to my very first car boot sale last Sunday. I spotted one of these beautiful babies! It was COMPLETE & INTACT! I don't have a photo of it but this model has little lucite drawers in the front. THEY WERE ALL THERE! The cupboard itself was painted a sunny pale yellow. I figured I couldn't afford it so I didn't bother asking how much it was. My friend also saw it and asked the price. But didn't tell me until we'd left and were talking about what we'd seen. It was going for £40. FORTY POUNDS! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! 
So since Sunday I've been thinking about getting my rear back to that car boot sale to snap that treasure up...but what if it's gone?! This is my angst. I don't reeeeeeally have room left in our little flat for such a large piece of furniture, BUT, I am opening a stall {it's called Secondhand Rose!} in an antique mall in August! It's perfect for display! Oh me, oh my. 
Fingers & toes & eyes & arms & legs crossed! I'm begging my pal to take me back by the CB Sale on Sunday.
Watch this space!


I know I am not alone in preferring to find a real envelope addressed to me rather than an email. I might be alone in not liking to call it "snail mail".
Hand written letters are an art form. I have boxes full of special letters and notes. They are treasures.

Letter writing was a Victorian ritual. There was care taken in every part of the letter.

Letter writing was a sweet part of the long distant relationship between my {now} husband and I. Of course, we did text and talk on the phone and email, but it's the letters and postcards and parcels that melted my heart. Letters are very dear to me.

I have several lovely friends with whom I exchange letters. Sometimes we fall out of the habit, thankfully we usually get back on track.
Most recently I've been exchanging letters with my half sister. She is 18 years older than me. She is the second child from my father's first marriage. I met her a few times growing up, but we never had a relationship. The last time I saw her was at my father's funeral in 1997. Thanks to Facebook we've connected. We've begun to get to know each other through letters.
I don't have much to remember my father by materially, but I do have some cards and notes that he'd given me. They are prized possessions.
I have a very special letter from my Grandfather relaying his life story for a project of mine in the 10th grade. That letter is floating around in my mother's attic some place, but I must find it. It is the only thing I have in my Grandfather's handwriting in his own words.

Regardless of the contents of the letter, because it is something so personal and thoughtful I treasure them so.

I don't only love receiving letters. I love writing them. I used to be a great collector of cards and stationary. I don't really buy it anymore. I'm still cruising on my vast collection. Two girls gave us personalised cards for wedding presents, and I have to tell you, next to my KitchenAid Mixer, they are fave presents! For our first (paper) anniversary a sweet thoughtful friend sent us note cards! She ticked a few of my boxes with that gift!

In case you've caught the letter writing bug and aren't sure where to start there are several websites out there dedicated to letter writing. The Letter Writing Alliance. The Letter Writing Alliance's mission statement is
In this era of instantaneous communication, a handwritten letter is a rare and wondrous item. The Letter Writers Alliance is dedicated to preserving this art form. Prepare your pen and paper, moisten your tongue, and get ready to write more letters!
They offer fun free downloadable stationary to boot!

Over at Indie Fixx there's

 Did you always want a pen pal when you were a kid? Were you one of those super lucky kids who actually had a pen pal? Either way, you can pop in and pick up a penpal! They also offer printable note cards and stationary.

I would love to have a penpal too, so you could start out by writing to me if you want! I'll write back! I promise! Just email me {} for my address if you wanna be penpals with me:)

 I'd better get my skates on, I've got a couple of things to post!

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

My Bestie Came To Visit!

I don't get home very often, it's an expensive trip. I did get home in December for my Mom's 60th birthday. While home I got to see friends including my best friend and Maid of Honor Hailey and her new hus! Their home in Downtown Charleston is sooo cute! No matter how much time we got to spend together was just not enough! It never is.
 {aren't they a gorgeous couple!}

Hailey's husband Ted has just finished his first year of Medical School
This summer is the only summer he'll have off for a very long time! And Happy Day! They came over to spend some of that time with us!!!!!

{Hailey and Teddy in our little flat}
They're our first visitors from home since we've been married! So special. I'm soo happy that it was Hailey to be the first visitor. We've been such close friends for years, we're like sisters. It doesn't matter now much time passes between the last time we see each other we pick right back up as though no time as passed at all. It doesn't matter what huge life changes occur, we still jump right into the same rhythm. 
{mr woo & me outside of our flat}

{Hailey sampling some not so British "candy"}

{I've lived in Chester for 2 years and this was the first time I've gone up to the clock!)


{me and mr woo}
{me & the James}

We had such a wonderful time. The weather was perfect! Until the day they were leaving actually :)
Our neighbor told me they could hear us laughing! Ha! My best friend got to see what my life is a bit like. She got to see where I live. Now she has pictures to put to the stories. My heart is happy.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Hari-kuyo: Festival of Broken Needles

I only just stumbled upon this fascinating festival. It is yet one more incredible Japanese tradition.

Hari kuyo, Temple Sensõ-ji, Tokyo © Michele Walker, 2005

Harikuyo is a solemn rite of respect and thanksgiving in which the worn and broken sewing needles used in the previous year are retired to a sacred resting place.

"There is a very great respect for everyday objects in Japanese culture. And there are many objects that are treated in the same way as the needles of the ladies who made the kimonos. For example, you have in Japan the incan, the seal, that in a sense represents a person's life. And of course they become worn over the years and they have to be replaced. But it would be considered sacrilege just to throw it away. And so when the time comes, the proper respectful way to deal with it is to take it to a place -- to a shrine or a temple -- where there is a small burial ground for those family seals."
"The basic point is this enormous sense of respect for daily objects and particularly objects of work. And this is part of what I would call the subconscious popular religious culture of the Japanese, that focus on life in almost any form. And when they do come to this particular event, it is taken very seriously."
Professor Stuart Picken directs the Japan studies program at International Christian University in Tokyo.

Some people look upon the ceremony as an observance of respect for needlework skills as well.
"In doing the research that we did for the book, we came across this seemingly antiquated, yet enchanting 400-year-0ld Japanese tradition with roots in Buddhism. I can not pretend to truly understand this tradition, but I believe in the underlying ideas of being thankful for my work, and for the tools that I worked hard to achieve my goals. I think that taking time to pause, reflect and look forward towards another year of thoughtful and improved stitching recognizes the value of humility and the sense that I can not do anything completely alone. I need these small needles and I am thankful for them. They have earned their rest".
David Boyd for the Japan Foundation
 How wonderful! I so appreciate the respect and thoughtfulness in Japanese culture. I hope to learn from it and be more thankful for the tools I have which enable me to create. I do carry gratitude in my heart for those who have encouraged creativity in me from young childhood. I am so thankful that I am able to make some money from being gifted with ability to make. I am thankful for those who appreciate what I make. I am so thankful for you for taking time to read my ramblings. What are you thankful for today?

Thursday, 3 June 2010

I'm on a Bloggy Roll!

I guess it's because I'm finding inspiration all over the place these days and I want to share it!

Firstly, I have been reminded of my own project by my sweet soon to be mum of two crafty pal Victoria!

I started a non-scarf-knitting project in February. I haven't knitted anything but squares since! Big ones, small ones, moss stitch ones! Vicky has made two squares for my blanket and I'm super excited! There are some new friends to have joined in the Mrs Woo World since February and I'd love it if you'd take a look at the post from February and join in! I've gotten a little fast and loose on the size rule. My squares are turning out to be all sorts of sizes. Ach well. It's gonna be good!

I've been making my way through my blog roll. I love new posts! Look what I found today at Do Stuff! How fun & colorful!

scrap yarn wrapped branch decoration! I'm totally digging the "free-ness" of this project! 

Next we're off to Just Something I Made...Cathe Holden has always got a groovy tutorial or free download.
The other day she gave away some really pretty stationary to print. I am cursing my stupid empty printer!
I've got the urge to go write letters now!

OH! The Creative Place! How I love your phantastic paper projects!  One of my all time faves is her Christmas Card Saver.
I want to use the same idea of all of the cards we get.
You'll spend ages at The Creative Place with all of her amazing tutorials...I'm having to tear myself away to keep going!

I'll end with LollyChops. Lolly is all kinds of awesome! She is the queen of tutorials with a turquoise obsession!

Lolly's latest tutorial is a video about crotchet borders! I can't crotchet worth a toot, but maybe Lolly will be the one to make it click in my brain!

I also have to praise Lolly for helping me out with my Big Shot fabric dilemma. Lolly saved the day by answering my distraught emails super quickly ! Thanks Lolly! You rock my socks off!

So I'm feeling pretty crafty about now. How 'bout you? I'm also feeling hungry...I guess it's lunch time....
Enjoy all the hard work these creative ladies have put in just to share it with us!
I so admire people who put up tutorials. I tried to make one once and gave up pretty quickly. It was doing my head in! I decided to leave it to those who do a great job already! Thanks for sharing y'all!

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

It's Raining, It's Pouring

I wish I was snoring about now! So it's June 1st. It's also raining in Charleston, SC {which is home} but it's in the's 55 degrees here.
This type of weather, cool and rainy, tells my body one thing. Get under the covers!

As we are child free at this time in life I have the pleasure of being able to crawl under my duvet and snooze whenever I want! It is a good, good feeling.

For those who do have small people at home you might be interested in this fun "Rainy Day Recipe" I found at Paper Dolls For Boys. And guess what? It includes the use of vintage buttons! I'm sold. Now I just need to borrow a small person for the afternoon.

Rainy Day Recipe:
Antsy Kiddo
Vintage Buttons
Thrifted Tins
Kitchen Spoon
Camera (to entertain antsy adult)

And now, for the final ingredient in the recipe:

Aren't her photos just gorgeous! I just love them! 

Top Bing