Monday, 1 November 2010

Thanks Bono Baby!

I just want to say that I got a sweet surprise in the post from the most gorgeous little man, Bono Baby.  
Little Heartbreaker! 
Look what arrived for me as a gift for participating in a project on Bono's Mom's blog
Bono Baby know I love the Wizard of Oz! 

pretty packing tape! 
what a wonderful treasure to remind me of the hanger collage I made! 
Thank you Bono Baby! I love it!
add a glass of red and you've got perfection! 
Isn't he just the sweetest little man! 


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  1. Dearie,

    Bono Baby wanted me to tell you that he loves camping. We took him on his first campout in The Smokey Mountains for Halloween weekend. It was magical. He also thinks it is super cool that you grew up where The Notebook was filmed. We want to go there for a visit big time. You'll have to give us more information. Also, he wants me to thank you for the lovely gift. He misses California so so so so much and the vintage postcard made his whole month. He can't wait to put it up on his wall at the end of this month. Also, he wants me to ask you if you could send him a photo of your bunnies so he can put them up on his wall. Oh, and he is super happy that is little package made it safely over the big blue ocean to you.

    love love love,
    Kitty and Bono Baby


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